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COVID-19: The pandemic highlights failures in healthcare tech

This article on healthcare technology was written by a correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, an organisation of immigration lawyers in the UK and Ireland that is currently offering free legal advice to all NHS staff amid the coronavirus pandemic. In the centre of Wuhan where COVID-19 first emerged, cases have topped 80,000 and the death rate stands at 3,285.

Socialist Action

This article was written by Bethany Morris, a content writer for the Immigration Advice Service; a team of immigration lawyers based in the US & UK In response to the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, Black Lives Matter protests have continued across the globe, highlighting the injustices, prejudice and mistreatment of Black citizens at the hands of...

International feminist magazine
Honour based abuse: the UK's 'forgotten' victims

Since the Coronavirus crisis pushed the UK into uncharted waters in late January, 2020 has shaped up to be a year of unprecedented challenge, fear, and uncertainty. As the virus dominated the headlines and the country was told to "stay home and save lives", a sinister " shadow pandemic " continued to wreak havoc behind closed doors.

Does The UK Really Have A Free Press? - ETHICAL UNICORN

This article was written by Bethany Morris, a correspondent for the Immigration Advice Service, providing legal assistance to those applying for Spouse Visas, British citizenship and more. In early September, climate activist group Extinction Rebellion significantly disrupted the distribution of several leading UK newspapers.

Refugee Hosts
A System of Profiteering: Outsourcing the Asylum Interview Process

Allegations of 'gross maladministration' and human rights abuses exist alongside 'staggering' profit margins for private companies brought in to manage the UK's immigration and VISA systems. In this post, Bethany Morris, a content writer for the UK's Immigration Advice Service, lays bare the UK Government's policy to prioritise profit over people and the multiple problems...

COVID-19 And The Rise Of Individualism

Bethany Morris, a content writer for the UK's Immigration Advice Service, looks at how individualism has gained momentum in the West. At the start of the pandemic, the West painted a picture that measures taken by nations such as China were 'drastic', such as the implementation of strict and immediate national lockdowns.

Comment | Is increasing tech surveillance use undermining free speech?

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, technological advancements have had a profound impact on society, government, business and the labour market. Over the past decade, police forces across the globe have adopted an abundance of monitoring systems ranging from drones to facial recognition technologies in the hope of reducing crime rates and making criminal detection easier.

Victories and losses: The rise and fall of LGBT acceptance

This article was written by Bethany Morris, a content writer for the UK's Immigration Advice Service Before the end of the 19th century, gay rights movements were practically nonexistent. Prior to the 20th century, religious admonitions against same-sex relations dominated society, and most legal policies either didn't acknowledge homosexuality or made acts like sodomy capital offenses punishable by death or loss of civil rights.