Beth Anne Larson

Rockstar writer, project manager, editor

United States

What's your story? We're all more than what we do for a living. Nonetheless, for a portfolio site, I'll share what I'm passionate about in my working life. What lights my fire is helping people realize their own stories. It's about asking the right questions, in just the right way to get the details and the spirit of it all.

You can read more about my work history and experience in my resume below and check out some of my writing samples, including videos, for which I wrote the scripts and storyboards. To view them, click the play icon, then enter password "viewme." Thanks for visiting!


Ad creative and copy

Railway Interiors International Magazine
Trend On Track

Annual showcase for trade magazine

Long form

Railway Interiors International Magazine
Transport of delight

Trade publication annual showcase issue feature

Aviation Interiors International Magazine
Star Quality

United Polaris Business class is about the journey

Pressed to Impress

Material and processing advances in the thermoplastic and thermoforming industries are creating new design possibilities for mass transit interiors. "Until recently, thermoplastics were considered late in the design process and only selected on the basis of price, quantity and compliance," says Rich Cort, mass transit business manager at Sekisui Polymer Innovations (SPI), a thermoplastic manufacturer.

Aircraft Interiors International Magazine
Hidden Depths

Trade publication annual showcase issue feature

Press releases

Bonded-Buildup Just Got Easier with KYDEX® 4545

USA. Bloomsburg, PA-June 4, 2015. - SEKISUI SPI today announced the release of the ultra-low heat release KYDEX® 4545, a new addition to their innovative KYDEX® Thermoplastics product line. This addition makes SEKISUI SPI the first and only thermoplastic sheet manufacturer with a complete aviation interiors product line, from flight deck to economy class.

Profile extrusion parts for mass transit

U.S.A. Bloomsburg, PA - May 23, 2017. - SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC and Plastifab, a Montreal profile extruder, have partnered to bring KYDEX® P88 and KYDEX® P2200 profile extrusion parts to the mass transit interiors market available exclusively through Plastifab.

SPI Appoints New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

U.S.A. Bloomsburg, PA - October 8, 2015 - SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC has appointed Karen Brock Amoah to the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Karen will focus on long-term strategy while supporting SEKISUI SPI's sales and marketing teams and supervising the company's international manufacturer representatives.

Case studies and training

SEKISUI SPI (now SEKISUI KYDEX) -- unpublished
Color Variation Training

Sent to customers and used internally to explain colour creation and production


Project management process

Type A Learning Agency -- not published
Managing budgets

Guidelines for project managers for managing the bottom line

Type A Learning Agency
Content test

A test given to all of our potential content writers and project managers

Grants and proposals

Tradeshow exhibit design and management

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