Content Writer/Manager

United Kingdom

As a content writer and manager with over five years of experience, I've learnt to be diligent and self-motivated while working with minimal or no supervision.

Writing is the purest form of expression I know, and I've learned to wield it to suit different tones and audiences over the years.

I believe love makes the world go round, but so do music and well-curated words.

The Top 6 Employee Nomination Templates in 2023

Make employees feel appreciated Foster healthy competition between employees - everyone loves public praise Improve employee engagement and retention rates Build a work culture that's big on high performance Increase output quality in the organization Highlight the objectives: This is a no-brainer. No one knows your organization's employee engagement, and recognition needs better than you do.

10 Best Company Culture Tools for Increased Engagement in 2023

Picture a workplace where employees walk through the office with smiles on their faces. They engage in friendly conversation and brainstorm project ideas. The atmosphere is filled with mutual respect, and everyone is motivated to deliver tasks with the highest quality. That's what a highly engaged company culture looks like.

Meta for Business

Nayrouz Taalat started Direxiona in 2017 with the vision to increase the number of women who could become drivers in Cairo. She wanted to break stereotypes and create more opportunity by offering driving lessons & maintenance information for women, taught by women.

Is PMS A Real Thing?

While PMS might be just another acronym to learn and throw around, for some people, it is as real as the sky for others. It's not a stereotypical term to describe a pool of bad symptoms or a cultural validation of certain behaviours to discredit women.

Private Client
5 Stages of Team Development and How to Implement Them

Have you ever wondered how successful companies build effective teams and adapt to meet their ever-changing responsibilities? Have you ever wondered how successful organizations build effective teams and continually adapt overtime to meet their ever-changing responsibilities? Team Development. Team Development provides a structured framework for companies to facilitate productivity, performance, and effectiveness.

Not Enough Ink
Virtual Health Care: A Myth, a Trend or the Future

Human beings have always been in a constant search for items, methods and processes that make life more convenient. However, the demand for innovation and 'out-of-the-box thinking has never been more in vogue as it is now. A few years ago, months even, some remote activities would have been such a wild reach.

Does taking weight loss tea help me lose weight?

Weight loss teas are said to stimulate digestion, aid metabolism, and help detoxify the body. There are various teas that exist - black, green, oolong, white, etc. And they all have a natural wellness-promoting substance called flavonoids.