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Writer/Content creator

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As a writer and content creator of over 4 years, I have learnt to be diligent and self-motivated while working with minimal or no supervision. I have also been faced with challenges and tasks that have helped me grow and hone my skills.

Writing is the purest form of expression I know and I've learned over the years to wield it to suit different tones and audiences.

I'm enthusiastic about public health, intrigued by art, photography, and nature.

My ideal day would involve a blend of hard work and serenity. I believe love makes the world go round but so does music.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI)
Post-Partum depression - An overview - Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI)

Also known as post-natal depression, Post-partum depression (PPD) is a form of depression that occurs after child birth and lasts for a long time. It comes with strong feelings of sadness, tiredness and worry, after having your baby, and they can last for a long time, with an onset within 4 weeks after delivery, so its diagnosis is usually gotten from its onset and the severity of the depression.

not enough ink
A Rainbow Coloured Guide To Be Productive As You Work From Home.

I've realized that one of the easiest ways to get attention from a group of working young adults in Lagos is to say "Hi, my name is Bibie and I work from home". You'll just find yourself needing an umbrella for the downpour of all the "Oh wow" "Niiiice" "That's so cool" "Really?
I lost my sleep

love the idea of sleep. Don’t get me wrong… Sleep itself is great! I just don’t get enough sometimes to categorically say we’re in love. Amean! We can’t rush these things!

Little Wedding Planning Details That Are Easily Forgotten

by Bertha-Bellarmine Agoha While planning for the major things like food, decorations, the clothes and guest list, there are little wedding planning details that skip most people's minds. The best way to avoid being haunted by these forgotten wedding planning details later, is to plan early, and to read this article, of course.
Poetry - Hush baby Hush

Hush baby, hush Hush to your struggle with irked wakes, You wish you had more sleep, so you cover your eyes with bakes

not enough ink
Growing up with Older Siblings

Hey darlings, today looks like a good day to talk about family... So, I'm the 3rd child out of 3 children, not the last oh, the third. With my immediate elder sister 5 years older than me, and my eldest brother 7 years older, it was quite a hustle trying to fit into their conversations...


Let's go a hash-tagging Hashtags are like the voice to a write-up, an article or even a tweet - like a town crier that goes to neighbouring villages to announce the coming of your write-up (in other words... create awareness). Hashtags have become an integral part of our social interaction, as individuals, as marketers and as influencers even.

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