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Ben Pyle

Freelance Writer | Leadership Consultant | Graphic Novelist

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Currently a doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Leadership while working as a business consultant. For seven years, I coached intercollegiate speech and debate, editing nationally competitive speeches on various topics at 1,500 words or fewer. I earned my master’s degree in Criminal Justice, researching the quantification of risk for sexual assault within the prison system. My research, "Organizational Change in Law Enforcement: Community-Oriented Policing as Transformational Leadership" with Dr. Joseph Cangemi was published in the Winter 2019 edition of ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL.

Creatively, I write prose, comics, and graphic novels, and recently completed a comic book writing apprenticeship with Van Jensen (THE FLASH, PINOCCHIO VAMPIRE SLAYER). My prose short stories have been featured in LITERARY YARD, ARIEL CHART, and PAGE & SPINE. My next prose short story for publication, "Fabrick" will appear in the December 2019 edition of SCARLET LEAF REVIEW. My webcomic with artist Marc Rene, PROJECT: AURORAL reached Top 20 in Stan Lee's POW Entertainment 2016 Line Webtoon contest. I had three comic book short stories published in 2019 with artist Renan Balmonte: "Lavinia" appeared in MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL by Arledge Comics, "Blood Borders" appeared in MONSTER MASHUP: A PDX ANTHOLOGY by Grit City Comics and "Echoes" appeared in ELSEWHERE by Unlikely Heroes Studios. I also provide reviews and editorial duties for the comic book and pop culture review website SIRENS OF SEQUENTIALS.

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"...eerie and frightening."

Katherine Kleffner, THE NERDY GIRL EXPRESS - 05/30/19 on "Lavinia" by Ben Pyle & Renan Balmonte appearing in MY KINGDOM FOR A PANEL.

"'Blood Borders' by Ben Pyle and Renan Balmonte ... mixes the topical with the supernatural. ... It's a simple yet effective horror tale about the themes of exile and being hunted as an 'other.'"

ADULT MUTANT REVIEW GUY - 01/08/20 on "Blood Borders" by Ben Pyle & Renan Balmonte apearing in MONSTER MASHUP.


Short Stories

Literary Yard
Shane, The Devil

By Ben Pyle Satan is a staggeringly good kisser. Not too much tongue. A light nibble on the lower lip. Way better than my ex-husband. My dead husband. Satan and I have been seeing each other for a little over three months. Met on Tinder. Go figure.

Ariel Chart
My Job as a Cat

By Ben Pyle This is my fourth day working as a cat. Not too bad a gig. I sleep most of the day. Canned tuna for lunch. However, I drew a line in the sand at the litterbox. As she enters the room with the pet brush, I tell Mrs. Cummins, "Listen, lady.

Page & Spine
School Spirits

​By Ben Pyle Some swore the high school was haunted. In truth, it still is. I drop the seats and turn toward the voice. "Mrs. Vaughn?" The socket wrench slips. My knuckles strike the auditorium seat's underside. "Yes, Jake?" I say contorting my head into the aisle. A seventeen-year-old boy covered in blood leans against the open doorway.


Unlikely Heroes Studios
Elsewhere: Volume 1

Elsewhere is a lovingly curated anthology of short pieces by independent creators from all over the world. Together, we bring a bunch of different viewpoints and voices. Genres, styles, moods, and interpretations of reality shift very quickly across more than a hundred and fifty pages of gorgeous art and smart storytelling.

Grit City Comics
Monster Mashup Comic Anthology

Monster Mashup is a public domain crossover anthology using characters from your favorite stories and mashing them up with monsters from legend, lore, literature and MORE. Monster Mashup is built upon a simple idea of combining a multitude of public domain characters into a single book.

Arledge Comics
My Kingdom for a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology

A comic anthology featuring works about or inspired by William Shakespeare. 274 backers pledged $10,876 to help bring this project to life. My Kingdom for a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology We're a small, but dedicated, crew that's successfully funded eleven and fulfilled ten (on track for #11!) Kickstarter campaigns.

Project: Auroral

3-episode web-comic with artist, Marc Rene (NICE, The Machine Stops, I Holmes). This web-comic reached Top 20 in Stan Lee's POW Entertainment 2016 Line Webtoon contest.


Academic Work

Organization Development Journal
Organizational Change in Law Enforcement: Community-Oriented Policing as Transformational Leadership

Comprehensive organizational change in law enforcement practices remains constrained by its adherence to the quasi-military model. While transformational leadership continues to gain popularity within the business field, police leadership and officers also express a desire to emphasize follower-oriented practices. However, the transactional relationship persists for police, inhibiting the widespread implementation of community-oriented policing, a transformational law enforcement style....

Quantifying Risk for Sexual Assault in Prisons

Traditional studies of sexual assault in the prison system have focused upon identifying those inmates most likely to perpetrate the offence. However, little research has been conducted upon better identification of those inmates most at risk for sexual assault victimization.

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