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Capcom income surges thanks to stellar games performance

Ultra Street Fighter II on Switch is a "smash hit", making up for "soft" sales of Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Share this article Companies in this article Capcom has reported operating income of ¥7 billion ($64.5m) for the nine months ending December 31st 2017 - that's a 36.9 per cent year-on-year increase.
Was 2017 the year the YouTube bubble burst?

"Daddy, I've decided I really want to be an actress." "I'm sure, but the thing you have to realise is that for every successful actress there are thousands and thousands of failed ones who live miserable lives with no money, prospects or hope." "Fine. Can I have a puppy then?"
Going where no clicker game has gone before

The 'clicker' (or as it is sometimes known, 'incremental') genre is quite a curious phenomenon in the video games landscape. The name comes from the fact that these games essentially have the player perform a simple action - such as a mouse click - over and over, normally to accrue currency or some sort of in-game resource.

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Server crashes, 40GB patches and DLC: gaming's biggest irritations explained

Video games have changed immeasurably since the days of tape loading and cover-mounted floppy discs. Today, we get lifelike 3D virtual worlds where the player can seamlessly connect with companions and opponents from every corner of the globe. An online triple-A title will now offer literally hundreds of hours of fun spread across years of play.

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The Story Behind Spintires: Mudrunner, Steam's Newest Hit

You may have noticed a new face on Steam's best-sellers this week: Spintires: Mudrunner. It's kind of a remastered and expanded version of a 2014 simulation game in which you attempt, probably haplessly, to drive huge all-terrain vehicles with a propensity for getting stuck in mud.

CASE STUDY: Can VR help my wife recover from a life changing accident?

In August 2011, over two years before we met, my wife had an accident on the way to work. She tripped on a tree root that was growing through the pavement, as we've all likely done at one time or another. It wasn't especially remarkable or dramatic and should have, by all accounts, been largely forgotten by now.

INTERVIEW - Charlie Brooker (Part 1)

For Part Two of our Charlie Brooker interview, click here. For Part Three of our Charlie Brooker interview, click here. In Part One of our three part interview, we discuss what Brooker makes of the criticism of the show and find out that gaming hasn't always been seen as something for the kids...

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