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Bennett Kohler


Location icon Denver, CO

A motivated millennial enthralled by the impact of words on the masses.


Agency Work

VivaKi - AlwaysOn
The Vitality of Consumer Centrism

A long-form blog post for VivaKi's recently developed cloud platform called AlwaysOn that highlights the importance of a consumer-first ideology in advertising.

The Intern Playbook

eBook concept that aimed to help individuals make the most out of their recently-obtained internship, and used a football playbook metaphor throughout.

Deck Those Dolls
Seasonal Product Description

Worked with a local entrepreneur crafting seasonal product descriptions for her online store. Products varied from Christmas dolls to Halloween decor, and sales have been increasing exponentially for the past several months.

A Life From Scratch
More Scrumptious Holiday Breakfast Ideas

As a freelance writer for Capture Hits Marketing, I ghost wrote several blog posts for A Life From Scratch during a very busy holiday season. Published by her, written by me.

Other Work

UIUC Advertising Department
Golden Grahams Print Campaign

A final project completed in conjunction with General Mills as a student at the University of Illinois.

UIUC Advertising Department
Mini Cooper Social Media Campaign

A final project that aimed to tackle the brand perception that Mini Coopers are too small. Targeted college-aged students with a Mini Driving School across all relevant social media platforms.

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