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Senior Features Editor, The Spectrum (University at Buffalo)

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Currently, I head the features desk for The Spectrum - an independent, student-run newspaper at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). The newspaper is the second-largest student newspaper in the state of New York. Outside of this experience, I've written remotely for a number of publications in New York City, such as ARTSY Magazine (Brooklyn | New York) and RESPECT. Magazine (New York | New York) as well as having featured bylines at other outlets at the University of Buffalo (UB IT News and UB NOW).

Data Trackers: How UB uses student info

UB can track your location every time you swipe your UB Card. Card readers across campus track when you eat dinner, go home and ride the bus. The card registers when you get Moe's and if you are a loyal Bulls fan. All your swipes are recorded and some departments share your habits with people outside of UB.

Puzzling Pathways: Students concerned with UB general education topics

Electrical engineering students can take "Communication Systems I," a class about transmitters and receivers, to understand racism. Industrial engineering students can learn "Facility Design and Materials Handling" to understand ancient civilizations. Civil engineering students can take "Hydrologic Engineering" to discover more about global conflicts. The list goes on.

Families upset UB won't let them see bodies and ashes of donated loved ones

When Heather Petri's grandfather passed away on Feb. 7, she wanted to say goodbye. But UB would not let her see him. UB had received Richard Petri's body as a donation a day earlier. But the director, Ray Dannenhoffer, who runs the anatomical gift program, told her she could not see him.

Behind the keys: UB instructor George Caldwell's storybook career

Caldwell's held numerous musical director roles for nationally touring plays and played with some of jazz music's finest groups, including the Count Basie and Duke Ellington orchestras. He's learned from jazz composers like Wendell Logan and Frank Foster. The pianist plays stride music with a smile on his face, achieving tonal excellency and exquisite form.

Archie Shepp looks back on rich past at UB

Jazz great Archie Shepp arrived at UB in 1969, with very few references for his ethnomusicology course. The class, "Revolutionary Concepts in African-American Music," marked the beginning of Shepp's career in college education. Shepp, known for albums like "Four For Trane" and "Mama Too Tight," taught a performance course and an ethnomusicology class at UB from 1969-1971.

Spring semester of '71: Charles Mingus leaves his legacy at UB

Charles Mingus' greatness could be heard echoing throughout the first floor of the old Baird Hall - now Allen Hall - 45 years ago. When it comes to jazz, the late Mingus is one of the first names mentioned. He was a man of many talents: a bassist, a pianist, a composer, a civil rights activist and an author.

Thundercat, The Pharcyde and more dominate Field Trip Festival

A historic Canadian fort transformed into a musical arsenal this past weekend as artists performed at Field Trip Music and Arts festival. Field Trip, which took place at Toronto's Fort York site on Saturday and Sunday, failed to disappoint the thousands in attendance.

John Cleese brings humor to UB Distinguished Speaker Series

British comedian John Cleese is no stranger to silliness. Cleese presented his folly in the form of video clips to more than 1,000 people at the Center for the Arts on Friday. Cleese spoke on two separate occasions as part of the UB Distinguished Speaker Series that evening.

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