Benjamin Peters

Independent Writer

United Kingdom

An independent writer with specialities in ghostwriting, screenwriting and web content creation.

Experience working within the writing and social media industry throughout various projects (screenwriting, ghostwriting, creative writing, web content creation).

For all enquiries, please contact me via email-
[email protected]

Short Story
Hong Kong

An immersive short story regarding the Hong Kong protests of 2020. From the POV of a young Chinese protestor.
Can you 'manifest' your ideal life?

A blog discussing the theme of manifestation and belief. Can your belief's and perspective really decide your future?

Self-improvement Blogging
Celebrities on the 'Law of Attraction'

What is the 'Law of Attraction'? Does it even exist? Here we take a look at the most famous figures of todays society and explore the link between their success and the 'Law of Attraction'.