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Ben Frizon

Writer & Journalist.

Location icon Australia

Melbourne-based student journalist having previously written for online publications I Probably Hate Your Band, Wall of Sound and D*Scribe.

Ocean Grove: Chronicling The Rise Of The Odd World

Self-reliance, initiative and forward thinking mentalities - blend these together with a fixation on re-imagining the status quo, and you'll be met by one of Australia's fastest growing acts. It's a bitterly cold evening in early May with daylight plunging into Melbourne's familiar winter darkness as the sun sets across the bay, and the St....

Movie Discussion: 2017's Hottest Movies & Biggest Flops

If you're a hardcore movie fanatic then you need look no further, the good people of D*Scribe have sent forth their least qualified "film critics" to dissect 2017 in film. Join our store-brand Justice League with Linden "Nightwing" Marsh, Kenny "Galactus" Mckee and Ben "Speed 2: Cruise Control" Frizon as they kick it into hyperspace, discussing some of...

Interview: Frankie Poullain of The Darkness

Dominating the charts in the early 2000's, the unashamedly outlandish classic rock-juggernauts in The Darkness endured all the highs and lows of the rock n' roll narrative prior to their initial breakup in 2006. Exploding back onto the scene in 2012, the wild-boys from Suffolk have been relentless in pumping out album after album since their return, set to release...

Empowering Youth: 10 Years Of The Cotton On Foundation

What would you do if you knew that purchasing a bottle of water could ensure adequate healthcare and education for the people of Uganda? It's now been ten years since retail giant Cotton On launched their philanthropic branch The Cotton On Foundation, leading the crusade in tackling poverty across Southern Uganda.

Behind The Lens: Owen Jones of Digital Beard Photography

At just 22 years old, Owen Jones - the man behind Digital Beard Photography - is fast building his reputation as one of Australia's best go-to concert photographers, boasting a portfolio of work consisting some of alternative music's biggest names. Having established a repertoire as a go-to figure within the industry, Jones consistently demonstrates his natural talent...