Ben Emery

Brand Strategist - Copywriter - Content Writer

United States

I'm a brand strategist, copywriter, and content writer working independently and within an agency, I work with brands to find their creative, authentic self and help them talk about it. I live in the woods of Maine with my wife and our four kids.



Thos. Moser
Made For Life - Thos. Moser

With a deep appreciation of the complex nature of wood, We are committed to simplicity in form, Where aesthetics are predicated on function. Each piece is an embodiment of its intended use- Nothing more, nothing less.

Odin - From concept to complete.

Navigators of a more sustainable energy future. Our guiding values have helped create one of the most skilled and efficient teams in EPC. Safety Sustainability Innovation Diversity Solutions Born From Wisdom Whether your project requires individual or full spectrum services, we've got you covered.

Doran&Macero - Custom Builders

Doran & Macero combines exceptional craftsmanship with unparalleled customer service. Our combined experience and team of construction professional specializes in residential and light commercial construction, with a focus in custom millwork. But above all, we thrive on making the home building experience for our customers transparent, seamless, and exciting.

Home - BeniGro

Benigro is proud to use Betterment's Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) portfolios. This is an exciting new approach to balancing and diversifying a portfolio. Strict determining factors are leveraged so that your money is invested into companies that work to address solutions for core environmental and social challenges in measurable ways.

Boston Concrete - Solid Service. Solid Product.
Boston Concrete - Solid Service. Solid Product.

Boston Concrete is built to serve the greater Boston area, delivering ready-made concrete products. Not only are our products the highest quality, they're delivered on time. Our top-tier customer service ensures that deadlines are kept, so your project doesn't have to wait.

Authored Content

Riverside Farm
A Riverside Fable

A custom fable I wrote for a farm that is launching a baby food brand.