Becca Horne

Creative Writer/Copy Writer

Location icon United States of America

I am from the Southern United States and cut my proverbial "teeth" as a City Reporter for a small town newspaper. Newspaper reporting taught me the importance of conveying a story in a simple, succinct manner. I have since traversed the spectrum of regional, national and international writing. I studied Journalism at the University of Alabama Birmingham. I am delightful, truly. I can capture the essence an assignment quickly and with flair. We are taught "flair" in the South. Truly. Contact; [email protected]

Raul Midón | A Chat with Becca Horne " Jazz in Europe

Latest News Antwerp to celebrate 35th edition of Jazz Middelheim The jazz festival begins Friday, August 12. That day... FESTIVAL FLASHES ZEELANDJAZZ (part two) The boat trip was intended as a connection between... Bohemia Jazz Fest 2016 By:Tony Ozuna And this year is no exception. "Charles...

Ola Onabule | Interview " Jazz in Europe

Latest News Ornette Coleman dies age 85 Today we received the sad news that Ornette Coleman,... Featured Gig | Maciek Pysz Quartet at London's Vortex The Quartet led by Guitarist and Composer Maciek Pysz... Featured Gig | "Hammond Eggs" feat. Randy Brecker & Bob Mintzer, For this new production, the three musicians expanded the...

Duane Eubanks | Things of that Particular Nature " Jazz in Europe

Latest News Duane Eubanks | Things of that Particular Nature Article by: Becca Horne | Photo's courtesy of Duane... Chopin Lives On! | Outstanding Polish Jazz Pianists - Part 1 By: Wojciech Oleksiak | Coutsey of: It may be... Fat Suit produce the goods Fat-Suit didn't go into the music business to make...

Southern Belle Magazine May 2013, Issue 1

In our Spring debut issue, tour a prairie home, create memories with Southern flare, it's Fashion Week in Birmingham and learn how you can plan the perfect bridal shower! PLUS- In Southern Sprouts, our children's magazine, will give you great party ideas, teach you to geocache and build a hobbit house!

Vagabond promotion: Filmmaker Bill Daniels takes his passion on the road

By Becca Horne Self-professed nomad filmmaker Bill Daniels dropped anchor at Satori Coffee House recently to share a trifecta of documentary and film. The star of the evening was a documentary entitled The Last Free Ride, directed and produced by Saul Rouda and Roy Nolan in the late 1960s.

Mobile's moviegoers: Southern Circuit films get a boost from the Mobile Film Group

By Becca Horne Conversation flowed and opinions lively expressed as the fate of eight independent filmmakers precariously rested in the hands of volunteers from the Mobile Film Group - now deemed the "Notorious Nine." The nine volunteers, led by Mobile Art Council's Charlie Smoke, battled their way through eight independent films to decide which dreams lived and which fell by the wayside.

Mentone a forested hideaway for artists, nature lovers

Mentone, Ala., long known as a hideaway for celebrities and artists alike, is just a hop, skip and a jump from Chattanooga and accessible from both U.S. Highway 11 and Interstate 59. Boasting a ski resort, art galleries, restaurants, bed and breakfasts and breathtaking natural beauty, Mentone is a wonderful destination for the day traveler.


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