Becca Giampolo

Copywriter/Content Creator

United States

I am a passionate, creative and hardworking individual with experience in editorial feature writing (print and digital), social media marketing and online copywriting.

For many years, I have worked strategically on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and Squarespace to create original, engaging content, develop and distinguish brand voices (as well as my own), and generate a steady flow of traffic for any given campaign or product.

Introducing: Aero Impact

Landing page on Aéropostale's E-commerce site introducing Aero Impact, Aéropostale's line of responsibly made clothing styles, designed with the planet in mind.

Santorini Skylines

When your outfit complements the architecture 🙌🏼 (#regram: @jackiegreaney).

Chaos Magazine: The Fever Issue
Jenny Lai Lays It Bare

The brainchild behind the Not Women's Wear Brand clashes cultures tastefully to create one-of-a-kind clothing.