Beatriz Valero de Urquia

Currently at the University of Cambridge, studying an MPhil in Comparative Literature. Editor in Chief of 'The Cavendish Chronicle'

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The Tempest
Dear EU, I defended you and now you're letting me down

Since I moved from Spain to the UK in 2016, the Brexit debate has followed me even in my dreams. I have spent years defending the value and importance of the European Union (EU) and arguing that Britain's decision to leave it was a mistake. I am not so sure anymore.

The Tempest
COVID-19 death counts have taught me that numbers are not reliable

As a Humanities student in a household full of Engineers, I have often had the Letters vs. Numbers debate. I always lost. Our whole society functions under a belief in Science and facts - things that can be proven. Someone's word is never enough. In a certain way, numbers have become our new religion.

Varsity Online
Colleges seek self-isolation support volunteers over new coronavirus concerns

At least four Cambridge colleges have sought support volunteers to help look after students who may have to undergo a self-isolation period due to the new coronavirus. Newnham offered to train and pay 'Student Supporters' £9.80 per hour to assist any students who may be required to enter self-isolation.

Varsity Online
British Museum to make Mary Beard trustee despite opposition from Downing Street

The British Museum has announced that it still plans to appoint Cambridge Classicist and academic Mary Beard as a trustee, despite her being rejected by Downing Street for the role last year. Whitehall sources told The Observer the original decision, under Theresa May's premiership, had been motivated by her pro-European views, which the scholar has been very vocal about.

Varsity Online
Hollywood's female director problem

The Oscar nominations were announced last week, and the announcer at the ceremony congratulated 'the men' who had received a nomination for Best Director. By doing this she stressed the fact that, once again, no women have been nominated for this award.

Varsity Online
Huawei accused of 'reputation laundering' after Jesus collaboration

Huawei, a Chinese technology multinational, has been accused of "reputation laundering" after it was discovered that the company funded a Cambridge University College study. The study, published two weeks ago, focuses on global governance reforms in communications and technology, with contributors from academia, politics, and business.

Varsity Online
Ongoing academic boycott of Trinity College sees Clark Lecture cancelled

Trinity College's annual Clark Lecture, scheduled to take place on Thursday, was cancelled after writer and activist Arundhati Roy withdrew from speaking at the event, due to the ongoing academic boycott following the college's decision to leave the USS pension scheme last year. Roy was announced last month as the speaker for this year's lecture.

UCL grants an extra £140k to fund mental health services after student protests

The Union thanks the Sabbatical Officers and the FOMHS campaign Following protests by student activists and pressure on management, the UCL Students' Union has announced it will be granting an extra £140,000 to the Mental Health Services. The funding was discussed in a meeting of the Sabbatical Officers with the Provost last Monday.

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