Beau Becraft

Copywriter/Content Creator

United States

Having written for industries spanning hardware, software, manufacturing, automotive, fitness, and beyond, Beau Becraft is a talented, experienced writer who can cover every step of the content creation process from conceptualization to publishing.

Organized, collaborative, and driven to create compelling and engaging content, Beau looks forward to helping you craft stories that capture the attention and imagination of your audience.

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A Buying Alternative During Tough Times

BY BEAU BECRAFT While inflation and fuel prices skyrocket to record highs, supply chain woes plague the economy, and layoffs across multiple industries leave Americans on edge about what lies ahead, businesses who rely on a fleet of vehicles continue wondering what options exist for upgrading vehicles that are due for replacement.

Fleets vs. Fuel Costs

BY BEAU BECRAFT Painful prices at the pump have been chipping away at the wallets of individuals and families for a number of months now. But it's not only individuals and families who are feeling the effects of runaway fuel prices.

Selling at MSRP: A Dealer's Perspective

BY BEAU BECRAFT If you're in the market for a new or new-to-you vehicle right now, you're likely feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. In many cases, the price of a used vehicle is close to, even with, or above the price of the same model's newest version.

Cross-country Camping with a Knapheide Cabover

BY BEAU BECRAFT Pres and Janice Meyers have covered countless miles as dedicated campers and outdoor enthusiasts over the years. Many of those miles were spent accompanied by a Knapheide Service Body that served as the foundation for their Alaskan 10-foot cabover camper.

Sticker Shock: Upgrade Options in a Runaway Economy

BY BEAU BECRAFT As inflation, pandemic aftershocks, and supply chain issues continue to keep a tight hold on the pocketbooks of businesses and households alike, small business owners and companies of all sizes are more cautiously looking at the ways in which they spend their money.

Bridging the Generational Consumer Divide

BY BEAU BECRAFT Amid a generational shift across multiple industries, companies are rethinking their strategy as it pertains to marketing their products and services to the next generation of decision makers.

Last Mile Delivery: What It Is and What We Can Do

BY BEAU BECRAFT What is last-mile delivery? With more and more companies adopting and guaranteeing fast shipping methods to get products to doorsteps as quickly as possible, you've likely heard the term "last-mile delivery." Simply put, last-mile delivery is the final leg of the journey a package takes to get to its final destination after moving through the rest of the supply chain process.

Classes in Session: Understanding Vehicle Classifications

BY BEAU BECRAFT The roads we travel daily are utilized by working vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From a crew cab work truck headed a few miles up the road to a new jobsite to an 18 wheeler traversing countless miles, each of these workhorses are grouped into their own specific, designated class.

Into the Wild with Knapheide

BY BEAU BECRAFT Kit Steimle has always described himself as having a creative mind, often building things out of "stuff that really wasn't made for it." As a result, when he's not enjoying the outdoors and nature, Steimle can often be found tinkering on various projects, including working on old Toyota Land Cruisers and International Scouts.