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Beatriz Vasques

Journalism graduate from UAL - London College of Communication

Location icon United Kingdom

I am a journalism graduate from the London College of Communication.

Currently editing and writing for https://divamag.co.uk/

Adopted by the United Kingdom but always eyeing the Portuguese coast.

Contact: [email protected]

London Student
Daughter at Brixton Academy | London Student

It was 9pm when Elena, Igor and Remi took to the Brixton Academy stage. It was not the first time Daughter had played a big London venue, but this time it was a sold out show and the bar was set high.

ArtefactArtefact | The therapeutic value of emo music

I am 14 years-old, coming back from a long day at school. It's the spring of 2012. My walk home is rather short, but I tend to choose the longest path to clear out my head. Today has been a particularly difficult day: 'you're fat and ugly', 'you're a mermaid!

ArtefactArtefact | From Portugal, to the world. With love.

It's December. The weather is crisp and the streets of Tavira, a small, charismatic town in the south of Portugal, are enveloped in Christmas spirit. Workers and university students have returned for their break. The city is exceptionally busy for the entire month.

6 things we just learned about The L Word sequel

Attention L Word fans, we have updates! WORDS BY BEATRIZ VASQUES, IMAGE VIA INSTAGRAM Fifteen years after the show's first release and 10 years after the finale, The L Word is back with a revamped title, The L Word: Generation Q. Are your old teenage selves handling it okay?

6 Things you need to know about the last ever season of Orange Is The New Black

It's almost time for one last trip to Litchfield WORDS BY BEATRIZ VASQUES, IMAGE VIA INSTAGRAM Stock up on the popcorn and tissues because Orange Is the New Black is back for its final season. Yes, don't worry ... we're teary-eyed too. In February 2016, Netflix renewed the beloved series for three more seasons, meaning...

Artefact - The threat to little Portugal

Words: Beatriz Vasques & Beatriz Romão It is not uncommon to bump into a Portuguese in London. According to the BBC 2011 report on immigration rates, 36,402 people born in Portugal have migrated to Britain in the last decade, with half of that number residing in areas of South London.

ArtefactArtefact | The power of the 'Pink Pound'

Adverts are a significant part of our lives. They're difficult not to stumble upon, as they're crafted to grab attention with their meticulously chosen colours, images and slogans. It is hard to imagine a world without ads, but have they always represented society accurately? For those who identify as LGBTQ+, it hasn't always been like this.

Artefact Magazine | LGBTQ+ and Catholic: No contradictions

It is 5:00 pm and Matilde, an English Literature student, walks through the pathways of Hyde Park, leaves crunching beneath her feet. The chaotic, bustling hour has finally passed. Between the screeches of squirrels looking for food and overfed ducks, she shivers, messily trying to hone the art of simultaneously using Citymapper and walking.

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