Beatrice Buschittari

Fashion Communication Specialist & Press Officer


Curious, inquisitive and always restlessly striving for something different: a place, a person, a moment that truly speaks to my essence and could be worth feeling nostalgic about forever.

I'm Italian, but the fact I lived between Russia and The UK for the past five years really made me realise I was hardly ever your average Italian girl. I'm very nordic at the core.

I've always been drawn to beauty and well-curated aesthetics (I'm a libra, after all): it was fashion at first, but I've recently discovered a gripping need to explore the art and design universe.

When I find something cool, I like to write about it, sharing it with others. Peter Do, Thebe Magugu and JPG by Glenn Martens are all I'm talking about these days. Well, that and the fact I'm currently learning how to read tarots and smell wine, so I can look pretentious and mystical when I meet new people.

It's All About Being | PIANEGONDA

It's all about being. La nuova campagna comunicazione Pianegonda è un grido di libertà che invita a guardarsi dentro. Rocco Fasano, Serena De Ferrari, Daniela Scattolin e Karakaz interpretano un mantra: "tutto quello che conta è essere". Un'esortazione ad esprimerci liberi, abbracciando l'essenza più vera di noi stessi.

It's all about being, the new pianegonda campaign. - Pianegonda

It's all about being. A self-affirmation that doesn't need any explanation, adjective or definition. It's all about being: it's up to every single one of us to decide who we are, following our deepest instincts and overcoming our limits, building a self-narrative that goes beyond societal façades, striving to find personal awareness in revealing our ...


Un racconto di design capace di catturare il tempo, incastonandolo come un materiale prezioso. Per la creazione della collezione IMPERFECTUM, il designer e artista Marcantonio si è ispirato all'antica tecnica giapponese del Kintsugi, reinterpretandola per Pianegonda in un nuovo concept di gioiello contemporaneo.

Joining you: Pianegonda's new campaign celebrates a renewed longing for nature - Pianegonda

For its new campaign titled "Joining You", Pianegonda jewelry becomes the linking thread between women and nature, stressing the importance of getting back in touch with one's inner self through the majesty and breathtaking views of ancient natural landscapes. The title refers to a renewed longing for human touch: meeting again, finding each other again ...

Voir Fashion
Does Sex Still Sell? - Voir Fashion

It is in the human nature to look for sex in every aspect of life, including fashion. It is up to designers to decipher its evolving power over the decades and interpret their own unrestrained, unfiltered version that best fits a certain sign of the times.

Voir Fashion
The Pearly-Tale Of New York: The Trend Sweeping A Generation - Voir Fashion

What got the attention of media and Instagrammers of the world this NYFW, is a beauty trend that finds its roots in tribal face-adorning traditions: pearl makeup. Is there really anything that can still impress our self-streaming society during fashion week and give us a trend we can actually endorse in real life?