Beata Grace

Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist

United States

As a writer, researcher, storyteller and strategist, I strive to create human connections that drive action, knowledge and revenue. I write everything and anything! In business, I create newsletters, website content, emails, video scripts, infographic content, white papers, blog articles, social media content, event themes, banner ads, email campaigns, headlines, taglines and more.

Many times, I edit and proofread what others create. I observe, listen, question, research and create. I approach marketing as a story to tell, an obstacle to help my audience overcome, a joy to have them celebrate and a connection to make - because it's those moments that leave an impression.

HPEARU-951455 GreenLake Landing Page

Arizona's Yuma County IT team joined in strategic partnership with New Technical Solutions (NTS), HPE and Tech Data to upgrade its existing technology to modern equipment and unsurpassed customer support, plus they freed up capital for other critical business.

HPE Common Unity
HPE Common Unity: Smart City

Welcome to Common Unity. We're here to help you discover how technology can enrich life in cities nationwide. Smart cities embody the unification of technology and infrastructure. This combination has the potential to improve quality of everyday life, boost economic development and empower civil servants to govern more efficiently. Delve into our site and see how Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) and Aruba are building smarter cities worldwide with scalable IT, IoT/analytics, data storage,...


Explore a sampling of my B2B technology writing across digital marketing platforms.

NCBI Bookshelf
StatPearls Library

Edited and proofread hundreds of articles in this StatPearls library.

Ignite Expert
Beata Grace Ignite Expert

Freelanced as a writer for Big Sea Marketing, in conjunction with Ignite Expert, to craft a series of restaurant industry-focused articles aimed at people in the hospitality industry.

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