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I'm a PR Executive with Digital Marketing knowledge. I love writing and creative challenges. I enjoy writing about the impact of emerging technology on our daily lives. I love languages, especially French. I speak (and write) fluent English and Spanish. Below are a few examples of my work as a ghost content writer.

Silicon Valley is Coming After Crypto

Created to support a new global financial payments system, Facebook's Libra has been driving mainstream attention to cryptocurrencies for quite some time. According to Facebook, Libra is a solution for those who remain 'unbanked' for not having sufficient funds to deal with complicated requirements from traditional banks, and their high and unpredictable fees.

Why Veganism Needs a Public Relations Makeover

Veganism needs good PR. Netflix has done a lot for vegans, with documentaries explaining the health benefits of pursuing a plant-based diet and the buzz around companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat making the vegan dream of a world free of animal-based protein almost a reality.

Forget about the new internet! Blockchains are the latest 'Linux alike' revolution - JAXenter

© Shutterstock / Alexander_Borisenko Forget everything you think you know about blockchain. You might have heard that this "disruptive" technology is comparable to "the internet revolution of 1996." This definition is often utilized to explain blockchain to a wider audience how important the technology is, in simpler but more thrilling terms. But is that definition accurate?

Podium | The Next Web
Why corporate acquisitions could be good for the open source community

Open source is all over the media, IBM announced its acquisition of Red Hat , one of the largest in tech history, for $34 billion. Microsoft announced its agreement to acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion. It seems the world's largest companies are either releasing or acquiring their own open-source software - but opinions on this trend are divided.

Tying ourselves to trees won't solve climate change | View

Environmentalists and scientists have done a great job in educating people that climate change is real, and of its catastrophic consequences. But the idea that these groups alone are going to solve the problem is completely fantastical because the root cause of climate change is a broken economic model.

How Unpredictability Can Work With Us: Exploring Sentiment Analysis Tools

In today's fast-paced world, a person's opinion about a product, service or individual is unpredictable and changing constantly, yet companies can use this unpredictability for their own benefit. Sentiment analysis is an extremely useful tool to monitor the public opinion of certain topics across social media, like stock market trends or political campaign announcements.

Influencing the Art Market: Millennial Collectors, Social Media and Ecommerce

As Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Jerry Saltz recently tweeted, perhaps just 14 people can make an artist's career: "One dealer. Six committed collectors. Three critics. Four curators." The coming decades will see millennials becoming these dealers, collectors, critics and curators-a fact based simply on the passage of time-so, albeit vexing, the predispositions of our generation can't be ignored.

Even 'The Wolf' Can't Scare Wall Street Away From Crypto

The 'Wolf of Wall Street,' Jordan Belfort, who was played by Leonardo DiCaprio on screen and served a 22-month prison sentence for manipulating investors into buying worthless stocks, recently warned investors against Bitcoin for the second time.

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