Babak Shahbaz

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Babak Shahbaz has established FuelSupply in cooperation with his brother. To this day, both of them are partners. Babak Shahbaz started his career as a freight forwarder but he quickly realized, that bunker operations was the way he was meant to follow. Babak's career started in Fredericia, but has lead him all over the world. Among other places, he and his family have lived in Dubai. The present location is Toronto, Canada.

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What can you become in the maritime industry?

About 70% of the earth is covered by water, so it's no wonder that the maritime world, the shipping industry and jobs range widely. In fact, the shipping industry accounts for 90% of the world trade, including both Christmas gifts from other countries as well as raw materials and resources.

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Curious about how bunkering actually works?

If you think this blog post is about concrete structures from 2. World War, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. Bunker and bunkering in this context are all about fuel for large ships and all the logistics, transport, distribution and fuelling of that very same fuel.
Babak Shahbaz

Babak Shahbaz er uddannet inden for shipping og er i dag virksomhedsejer. Sammen med sin bror startede han firmaet FuelSupply. FuelSupply arbejder inden for bunker operations, hvor de leverer brændstof til redderier og andre kunder i den maritime kontekst. Firmaet startede med at operere i Vestafrika, men har sidenhen ekspanderet til hele verden.

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FuelSupply ApS / Babak Shahbaz : Læs om firmaet her

FuelSupply ApS arbejder inden for bunker operations og er aktive i hele verden. De startede med at operere i Vestafrika primært, men har sidenhen ekspanderet og udvidet deres rækkevidde på kunder. Bag FuelSupply står Babak Shahbaz, der sammen med sin bror opstartede det succesfulde bunker supply-firma i 2016.