Autry Diaz


Location icon United States

Young Communication major with a passion for knowledge and eagerness to apply it professionally.


Professional Pieces

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Professional News Release

News release for an upcoming philanthropy event held by the Zeta Mu chapter of Delta Tau Delta to raise funds for JDRF.

Advertisement + PR
Youth of America vs Second Amendment Rights

A brief opinionated piece detailing the Parkland shooting, the reaction of the public, and the steps we need to consider moving forward from this tragedy.

Robert Morris University
An Inquiry into the Growing eSports Industry

A short informational piece delving into the growth of the online gaming industry, and the differences / similarities between consumers of electronic media and traditional sports.

Informal Selections

What are We Doing Tonight Pittsburgh?
The Flash (Season 1) Review

In in depth overview and spoiler-free synopsis of season 1 of CW's "The Flash" geared at generating fan interest and increasing viewership.