Lynn M. Jorgenson


Location icon United States

Dr. Lynn M. Jorgenson lives in Port Orchard, WA.
Lynn is a former pastor’s wife of 21 years, teacher, Principal, and University Professor. Divorce, cancer and eventually a diagnosis of M.S. in the height of her career, forever changed Lynn’s life. With the loss of everything that seemed important to her; a fiancé, a career, an emotionally close sibling, a six figure income and her athletic abilities, Lynn was at the bottom of her life. A loving God graciously rebuilt a new chapter in Lynn’s life. Now, she gets to pray daily, exercise six days a week (much different than in the past), eat really heathy-“tastes mostly like crap” food, travel with her husband and write-write-write. Lynn loves her life and a God who daily sustains her.

New Mobility
An Unexpected Plot Twist in My Life

This is my life, with a plot twist that I couldn't have imagined, planned for or anticipated, marked by sudden detours of confusion, grieving, learning and, ultimately, unexpected joy. Illustration by Mark Weber I was working long, stressful days as an elementary principal while