Audre A. Arnett

Blog/Creative Writer

United States

22 years old, creative writer, blogger, photographer, and reader.

Although I am just starting my career in writing, I guarantee you that I can provide fast, efficient, and professional services.


- Video Editing (Sony Vegas Application)
- Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, & PowerPoint)
- Photoshop
- Book Cover Creations
- Blogging for JGP


- Freelance Writing (professional, technical, creative)
- Story Writing (short stories & novels)
- Editing (stories & articles)
- Blogging/Journalism (movies/TV/fashion/music/celebrities/books)

Listed below are samples of what I have published so far in my writing career.

contact: [email protected]


JGP Articles

Just Girl Project
How I Overcame My Anxiety & People-Pleasing

40 million Americans experience anxiety, one of the most common mental health conditions. Diagnosed with anxiety myself, I often struggle to find effective coping strategies. Throughout my personal journey, I discovered some essential tips for achieving and maintaining your mental health. In tenth grade, I realized I had social anxiety.

Just Girl Project
Scared Speechless: How I Overcame Social Anxiety

What is social anxiety? Social anxiety is a chronic mental health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. For people with this disorder, everyday social interactions cause heightened anxiety, fear, self-consciousness, and embarrassment. I was in tenth grade when I first realized I had social anxiety, after experiencing my first real heartbreak.

Just Girl Project
Escaping the Chains of Toxic Love

Although my first relationship wasn't technically defined as a relationship, the heartache I endured was real. In the 9th grade, I traveled to hell and back to fight for our bond. My trust issues exploded when I started noticing he would do those

Just Girl Project
The Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship

Many people believe that relationships are all rainbows and butterflies. They don't realize how far that is from the unfortunate truth. When I was twelve years old, my cousins had little middle school boyfriends and wanted to help me get one. However, I never really desired a relationship until I started ninth grade.

Just Girl Project
How to Escape the Toxic Side of Social Media

Social media can be a positive, uplifting place at times, and then it can be a dark hole at other times. When it comes to body positivity and mental health, social media is often detrimental. Social media wants us to believe that there is something wrong with how we're shaped and alters how we see ourselves in the mirror.

Just Girl Project
Which Birth Control is Right for You?

Birth control is the practice of preventing unwanted pregnancies. There are twelve different methods to prevent pregnancy for people across the world. Are you thinking about using birth control? Do you know what method is suitable for you? Please keep in mind that every birth control method has its pros and cons, and the choice always lies in your hands!

Just Girl Project
3 Steps to Combat Your Relationship Control Issues

My current relationship has taught me a lot about handling my control issues. When we first started dating, I exhibited no restraint, and drove myself, and my partner crazy. At the beginning of my relationship, my boyfriend often picked me up from my house.

Just Girl Project
3 Tips to Manage Your Anger in a Relationship

Face it: we all rage sometimes - whether it's over a small thing or something major. On occasion, it can seem like it's hard to control your anger and how you feel in the moment. Relationships can suffer when you say things you don't mean. How can you prevent this?

Just Girl Project
Why Don't I Have Any Friends?

You have so many relationships in your life - your family, your significant others, and your friends. In my life, I have little motivation to maintain friendships these days. I haven't had great experiences with friends as a child or a teenager, and that history prevents me from making new friends in my adult life.

Just Girl Project
The Moment I Knew I Needed Therapy

I wanted to go to therapy when I was only sixteen years old. I was struggling through my first heartbreak and did not know how to handle it. My friends and family were irritated that I remained heartbroken over a silly boy.

Just Girl Project
How to Overcome Writer's Block

If you're a writer, you've definitely experienced writer's block. (And if you haven't's coming!) It occurs when your creative juices cease to flow, and you simply can't produce any (good) writing. Writers suffer through this during certain stages of their writing career. It can feel like a never ending battle.

Just Girl Project
A Busy Girl's Guide to Finding Me-Time

No matter how social of a butterfly you are, everyone has to have sufficient alone time. It could last a few hours, or it could be a whole day! I would like to call this precious period of personal space "me-time". Me-time does not just mean doing things for yourself.

Just Girl Project
How to Handle Disappointment

We all have expectations, and oftentimes those expectations are not met. From daily life to loved ones, how do you deal with that consistent disappointment? There are a number of healthy ways of coping with this experience. Recently, I have felt disappointed with different situations and people in my life.

Just Girl Project
How to Make Positive Decisions for Yourself

Advice is a guide or recommendation for prudent action towards the future. It can be beneficial in certain situations to seek outside help if you are struggling with a certain issue. However, it isn't always necessary to seek advice to make decisions in life.

Just Girl Project
The Secret to Loving Your Body

What fuels your hatred for your body? Sadly, there are lots of answers to this question. Every day, men and women suffer from insecurities, fueled by innate self-loathing, and social media. You may be insecure about your relationships, your intelligence, or how you look.

Just Girl Project
The Busy Girl Diaries: 3 Tips to Balancing Work & School

Teenagers and young adults often encounter difficulty balancing work and school, constantly faced with the choice of earning money or focusing on an education. As the school year begins, many people struggle to balance these schedules in addition to maintaining a personal life.

Just Girl Project
My Story With Suicidal Thoughts

As a 6th grader, I began experiencing suicidal thoughts. Due to the death of her mother, my best friend at the time became suicidal. Before she began feeling depressed and sharing these feelings with me, I had no idea what suicide was. Upon returning home, I looked into what motivated suicide more deeply.

Just Girl Project
Should You Take a Break Between Degrees?

For young adults, college can be a very stressful and exhausting time period. You are under a great deal of pressure to study hard, pass your classes, and keep up with finances. To clear your mind, you may desire a break, a chance to figure out what you truly want.

Just Girl Project
When is the Right Time to Apologize?

My mom always told me to apologize to someone when I truly felt bad. However, a lot of times we say sorry when we didn't do anything. How come? You may feel guilty, like you caused a problem, even though you couldn't control what happened.

Just Girl Project
How to Detect & Deal with Toxic Relatives

It is not easy to deal with family members, especially when you have to...since they're family. Some relatives can be very toxic, and it may hurt your mental health to deal with them on a daily basis. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize toxic relatives.

Just Girl Project
People Pleasers NEED to Read!

I don't like hurting people's feelings. And I'm always trying to be liked by everyone, to my own detriment. When someone has a problem with me, I immediately wonder why, because I never intentionally upset people. While dealing with other people, I remain honest and respectful.

Just Girl Project
An Introvert's Guide to Independence in a Relationship

Whether we like it or not, relationships can seriously change who we are as a person. It's easy to lose yourself in a relationship, as your life rotates around a single person. Your whole focus is on keeping your relationship intact, despite the fact you're falling to pieces.

Just Girl Project
How to Handle Complicated Co-Workers

Each of us must learn how to deal with other people - especially those we work with. Good relationships with co-workers ensure you have someone you can turn to for help when you are confused or lag behind. Every employer makes it clear how important it is to have teamwork in the workplace.

Just Girl Project
3 Signs of a One-Sided Friendship

Friends are a great thing to have, especially as you grow up. Your closest friends tend to form during your adolescence or during childhood, but you can definitely find new friends during young adulthood, and beyond. You can count on a good friend for support and understanding if you're struggling.

Just Girl Project
How Should a Good Partner Make You Feel?

In addition to your family, your significant other is one of the most important people in your life. This may be the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Your partner is not just a person you love, but your best friend as well.

Just Girl Project
What If I Can't Seek Therapy?

If you wish to improve your mental health, therapy is a helpful tool. Mental health plays a very significant role in how you feel and live your life. Having poor mental health can affect every area of your life, from work to relationships, and basic hygiene.

Just Girl Project
Fighting Against the Male Gaze in a Relationship

Men tend to be depicted as the dominating gender, who are really focused on this funny thing called sex. My mom taught me this lesson at a very young age. Though I haven't researched the science behind this claim, I do know that men have a lot of social and individual expectations of women that cause us to feel uncomfortable.

Just Girl Project
How to Overcome Your Fear of Seeking Therapy

Many people may not seek therapy due to the fear that they will be perceived as weak or crazy. People may shy away from therapy because they believe they can deal with their problems on their own. If you're currently questioning whether therapy is right for you, but are struggling to commit, I am here to guide you to overcome these fears.

Just Girl Project
How to Tell You Met a Friend for Life

Having friends in your life is important. Friendship provides you someone to lean on when times get tough, in addition to your family and significant other. It can be challenging to determine who is a reliable friend and who isn't. How do you know you have a friend for life?

Just Girl Project
How To Conquer Social Anxiety While Making Friends

15 million adults in the United States suffer from social anxiety, according to Mental Health America. Approximately 75% of these Americans first experienced symptoms of this disorder during their childhood or early teenage years. Personally, I am not a fan of making friends. In 10th grade, I noticed I suffered from social anxiety.

Just Girl Project
How to Handle a Toxic Family Member

Newsflash: Family members can be loved and toxic at the same time. It's possible that the toxic ones are the ones closest to you, and the dysfunction seems unavoidable. Or perhaps, you just don't like all. Either way, how do you deal with a toxic family member?

Just Girl Project
How to Set Boundaries With Clingy Friends

Along with family and romantic partners, friends are a significant part of your social life. However, relationships can get complicated, especially when one friend constantly needs attention from the other. When it comes to setting boundaries with a clingy friend, what should you do? In any relationship, having boundaries is very important.

Just Girl Project
What to Do When Your Relationship and Family Cannot Coexist

Many young adults hate having to choose between their love life and their family. Sometimes these two parts of your life struggle to healthily coexist. Maybe your significant other feels judged by your family, or perhaps your family doesn't care for your significant other. You've tried everything: setting boundaries, long conversations, awkward dinners...all to no avail.

Just Girl Project
How to Stop Your Excessive Health Worrying

Over the last two months, I have experienced a lot of fear. I was facing problems in succession, one after another, without a break. Due to my inability to understand my medical situation, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. People always say that I run to the doctor for "small problems," but this was no small issue.

Just Girl Project
Have You Outgrown Your Relationship?

Relationships come and go like the wind. There is no guarantee that you will stay with the same person forever! Does that mean you cannot find true love? Absolutely not. Discovering love is always a great feeling, even if it doesn't work out in the end. That doesn't invalidate the time you shared together.

Just Girl Project
Are You More Than

Making friends is easy, but keeping them can be difficult. Relationships are complex, and maintaining friendships can be confusing at times, especially when romantic feelings get involved. What if they want to be more than "just friends" with you? How do you handle the situation if the feelings aren't reciprocated?

Just Girl Project
How I was Bullied into my Best Self

For years, I have had issues with loving myself. My insecurities developed while I was still in elementary school. In third grade, a girl bullied me because I was the only African American girl in the study, and I was quiet.


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