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An AudioPortrait is a sound investment ... in the past ... for the future. It's the legacy of a lifetime.

Your AudioPortrait could be the story of an individual or family, or an oral history of your organization or company. We customize your recollections for a commemorative event, anniversary, retirement, or anything and anyone you choose as the focus of your AudioPortrait.

Our producers preserve your memories in state-of-the-art audio with diverse, personalized production options. How it sounds is up to you.

If you're interested in an AudioPortrait, please contact me via [email protected]

Selma Sternstein, an AudioPortrait

Selma Sternstein grew up in Brookline, a beloved only child in an extended family that forged early Jewish history in Boston. She recalls her life of privilege and adversity.

1914: A Nurse's Chronicle

Barbara Jean Roberts was a young nurse when she traveled from England to Australia at the outset of WWI. This is a dramatic, sound-rich recreation of her journal from that voyage.

MIT Media Lab
Meet the Labbers

This series of mini AudioPortraits takes you inside what 60 Minutes called "The Future Factory." Each episode profiles a different member of the Media Lab community.

Tea & Wireless

Tea & Wireless is a three-part audio series about serials and soapies on Australian radio — from the early days before WWI to the WWII heyday to the end of the era in the 1970s.

Changi Concert Party

Talk about a captive audience. This is an oral history about the Changi Concert Party. Mostly Australians, they formed the group after being captured as POWs during WWII.

Legacy of Leadership

Boston University's School of Nursing had its beginnings in the wake of World War II, growing until its abrupt closure in 1988. But the school's influence endures to this day.

AudioPortraits© excerpts

This is a sampler file of excerpts from some AudioPortraits-style interviews, features, and documentaries on which I've worked. Choose your own AudioPortrait production options.

ABC Radio National
"An ordinary bunch of women"

The experiences of Australian nurses who were POWs in Japan and Sumatra during WWII. (I was associate producer on the series.)

Patritia ... "with a t"

Patritia Eileen Sebastian Nagle loved reading, opera (especially Joan Sutherland), family, and home. In this audio slideshow, she reflected on a life well lived.

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