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Author's Guide to Creating Infographics

It would be nice if I could hire a designer to create character and land artwork. But, I can't. I don't have the funds for it. The next best things would be an infographic. I created this to introduce some of my characters. I was actually surprised how popular this was.

Horror Writing Guide: Characteristics of a Haunted House Story (Infographic)

I don't even know what it is about paranormal stories that gets me excited. Maybe it's the language. Those atmospheric descriptions. But, I also love haunted house movies. Maybe it's the scares. When done right, a haunted story can be so creepy it gives life-long horror lovers the willies.

Which Digital Book Publisher Should You Use (Infographic)

You're ready to publish your book. You've heard about all the digital book publishing platform available. You've read recommendations, but you still don't know which one to use. I published my first book on Amazon in 2013. Between releasing 13 books and getting a Masters in Publishing from NYU, I've either used or researched a number of digital publishers.

7 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Magic System (Infographic)

If only magic was real. It's not but I can give my characters the powers I want. You can make a fantasy world without magic but I find it more fun to include it. Usually, I go into a story already knowing what kind of powers I want to give my characters.


How Authors Can Learn to Design Eye-Catching Images

It takes a lot of work to be an author. Being an indie author is double the work because you have to do everything or hire someone who can. You are the CEO of your own business. Indie fantasy and paranormal books are beautifully diverse. More so than traditionally published books.

How to Learn Photoshop as an Author

If you're following me on social media, you've probably seen my recent map. It's for The Sciell's Legacy, the 4th and final book in The Merging Worlds series. This is how the map looked when I first created it. I created it entirely in Photoshop.

Your Guide to Creating Fantasy Languages

Your characters are on an adventure or simply walking around town. They encounter a foreigner with a heavy accents, speaking a language they don't understand. Maybe they do understand. Or maybe, you characters never encounter foreigners. It's your story. You could create a world where everyone speaks the same language.

Myths About Medieval Europe You Often Find in Fantasy Books

Fantasy novels are often set in a Medieval Europe-inspired location. Even I tend to default to that location because I come across that more often when reading fantasy or even watching fantasy movies. I need to read more fantasy book set in non-Western locations.

Podcasts to Motivate and Entertain Fantasy Readers and Writers

I'm sitting on a train grinning like a loon because a podcast episode made me laugh. Funny how a simple laugh can make you feel so much better. For those who've been following this blog, you know the last 2 years for me had been one long battle.


The Streets are Empty: New York Shuts Down

The silence is the worst. You can't see it in the pictures. You've gotten so used to the sounds you don't notice until it's gone. It's strange how silent Manhattan and Brooklyn has become. This photo was taken during rush hour. This station is never this empty, even on a weekend.

Travel Photography: Changing Perspectives in Waimea Canyon

You can stand in front of a beautiful scene and be bored photographing it. That happens, a lot, at least for me, when I'm in a touristy place. Brooklyn Bridge is nice but I'd rather shoot something else. Something that hasn't been photographed millions of times.

Traveler's Notebook: Photographing The Ocean

Whenever you arrive at a new place, you'll often find shelves of tourist guides. I usually ignore them because we have this wonderful invention called the internet. But, after a 15-hour trip, I was just happy to have finally reach Kauai, Hawaii.

Book Marketing: Your Guide to Photographing Books in Nature

Since I like to photograph nature, I combine it with books and journals. I post the pictures on Instagram but, mostly, I do this because it's fun. I love planning what books and journals I'm going to pack. I get lost in looking at a scene, setting up the book and photographing it at different angles.

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