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Diaz Curry

Writer/Training Journalist

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Albert Einstein once said, "the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." I believe my job is to provoke the imagination of others through the English language in order to evoke some level of growth. I feel honored to be in such a position to do so.

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Royalty, Recession, Resurgence

Royalty, Recession, Resurgence Now hear me out guys... This piece may come off as preachy and judgemental at first, but I only ever write if I feel that sharing my perspective can help improve your own. So with that said, let's dive into the thick of it.

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Buddy Hield: From Nobody to Our Buddy

Buddy Hield: From Nobody To Our Buddy As a follower of almost all things sport, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that there is a huge hole in my viewing habits. The hole is in the shape of the letters NCAA. The argument that has held true for me for the past couple years is that college sports, ...

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Bey, Member Dis: A Bahamian Tragedy

Bey, Member Dis? A Bahamian Tragedy As a child, I was ever so fortunate to be exposed to all things music. From Kirk Franklin to DMX to Kenny Chesney all the way back to the Temptations. Music was inescapable in my adolescence, especially when I didn't want music.

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NBA 2K(an't talk right now)

NBA 2K(an't talk right now) Once upon a time each year, around mid-November, the collective sound of millions of eyerolls can be heard echoing through the annuls of time and space as another young man (or woman) slides their debit card at their local game retailer receiving in exchange the holy...

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Robert Kelly- The Pied Piper of Chitown

Robert Kelly: The Pied Piper of Chitown In the music industry, most artists struggle to be seen-cast adrift in the ocean of opinions, influences and past work. But there are two ways be immortalized as islands protruding from sea floor. You become a one hit wonder. A passing fancy to be played...

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New Black Renaissance

New Black Renaissance Being born in the 90s comes with possibly the largest amount of cultural baggage seen until the internet was hardwired into nearly every household or device you can get your hands on. Black consumers of popular culture often see this period (or the mid 70's - early 80's de...

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Reagan's War

Reagan's War President Ronald Reagan was many things to many people. Before he was president, to the American public he was a beloved actor. To his wife Nancy, he was a beloved husband, to our knowledge. A rock of a man representing the conservative values that America had fooled itself into bel...

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Border Crossing

Border Crossing In this curious case of existence, where you're born carries a vast amount influence in the path you will walk down. The imaginary barriers we have created for ourselves to define our nationalities and sense of belonging, define far more than just these parameters. These barrier...

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A Case For Open Borders

A Case For Open Borders: A Philosophical Exercise In our world today, there are both imaginary and physical borders that separate the human species by political and geographical affiliations. In this paper, I will defend Chandran Kukathas' view of an open borders policy. First I will reconstruc...

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