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Adalberto "Aldo" Toledo

City Hall Reporter

Hi! My name is Aldo, and I'm currently a city hall reporter at the News-Gazette in Champaign, Illinois, working every day to better inform my community about the essential issues it faces. I am a native Spanish speaker, and a history lover always trying to insert the next piece of context. I also really love cats and maps! Ask me anything about urban planning and issues facing modern cities and I'll talk your ear off.

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For many in Champaign County, one full-time job just isn't enough

CHAMPAIGN - Kartila Brooks has no wiggle room. After providing for her four teenage children and paying the bills, the 34-year-old Champaign woman is left with about $120 from the two paychecks she gets every two weeks. Paycheck to paycheck.

The News-Gazette
'The viaduct was their habitat, and they're human beings'

CHAMPAIGN - The person who put the recliners in the viaduct on East Main Street in downtown Champaign said he did so because the people who use them "deserve the same amenities that a person with a home deserves." Having to sleep on a concrete floor will break your spirit, said 26-year-old Jon Bushue.

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Records show ICE activity on rise in Champaign County since 2016

Submit your Letter to the Editor here Over the past several months, local protesters have decried Immigration and Customs Enforcement activity in the area that has led to multiple arrests and intensified the fears of many undocumented people living here. But the agency's activity hasn't been confined just to the past few months.

Frats nationwide under microscope, including at UI

Two years ago, University of Illinois officials were called to investigate a fraternity hazing practice straight out of Guantanamo Bay: For being late to a sleepover at the Delta Sigma Phi house, two new members were allegedly waterboarded.

Faces of the flood

A freelance project focusing on the aftermath of massive floods in the Baton Rouge area in August 2016.

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