Katherine Atkinson

writer, editor, TV personality

Saint Lucia

Katherine Atkinson is a writer, teacher, television personality and publisher.



Starting Over

Katherine Atkinson The day Frances and I left for the big island, my mother came with my younger sister to the airport to say goodbye. We stood in the open air departure lounge, waiting and not saying much. The tinny arrival announcement was nearly drowned by the roar of the Dash 8.

The Man Who Took Up All The Space

On the night she met The Man Who Took Up All The Space the world had allocated him, she'd been pining for The Man Who Loved Her But Was Afraid. She'd gone to the fĂȘte to remind herself what it was to have a life that didn't depend on the whims of someone else.

Kaiso Blue

It seems I always waiting for him-to come back from tent or a session or some lime down the coast. I make the bed every morning, smooth out the sheets and fold the corners under the mattress 'cause he like it so.



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National Trust
Walcott House Virtual Tour

In celebration of the Nobel Laureate Festival, the Saint Lucia National Trust under the auspices of the Nobel Laureate Committee presents the Walcott House Virtual Tour Part 1. The tour discusses the Walcott House Museum, its architecture and its role in the lives of Sir Derek, Roderick and Pamela Walcott.