Jacob Athanas

Graduate | Creative Writer

Location icon United States

I'm Jacob, a recent graduate of Truman State University. I am a writer, artist and avid about being creative. Growing up with an artistic family and supportive brother, I pushed myself to become the writer I am today.

Today, I enjoy writing poetry based on my feelings of the world, as well as writing fictional pieces that are grounded in some semblance of reality. However, I am still actively trying new styles, and am eager to learn from anyone who is able to teach me a new way to view the world around us.

Please take your time to view my work, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]


Poetry - Contains Strong Language

I Am A Dragon

A piece from my first Creative Writing class. This showcases my tendency to write about fantasy topics.


This was written under the eye of a published poet. Whilst not my strongest piece from that time, this is the most impersonal.

Not All That Bad, Jacob

Another piece from my Senior Seminar. I consider this another of my strongest pieces from that project.

Happiness Writes White

This is the final piece from my Senior Seminar project. I consider it my best piece of poetry.

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