Amy Sterling Casil


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Amy Sterling Casil is the author of 32 books, including nonfiction, fiction and poetry. She is an @Medium partner writer and writes approximately 4,000 words a day.

My Little Chickpea

Enjoy life's healthy pleasures with My Little Chickpea's line of Hummus, Falafel, Salads and Pita Chips. Every item is crafted with care in Toronto,

FlipNDrip Server
FlipNDrip Server - More than a salad bowl!

This innovative product is a 2-tiered all-in-one bowl system designed to help you conveniently prepare a variety of foods such as salads, pastas, veggies, fruit and more. Our product comes in a variety of colours, stainless body and durable plastic. The FlipNDrip Server™ is a great new product for the home.

Could You Live on Food Stamps? - Fit Yourself Club

If you're paying for HelloFresh or shop regularly at Whole P*A*Y*C*H*E*C*K Foods, you probably haven't given more than one second of thought to whether or not you could feed yourself on food stamps - now known as "SNAP" or in California, CalFresh (not to be confused with HelloFresh). First - your options vary depending on where you live.

Kevin Kreider
About - Kevin Kreider

This is the story of a wimpy kid who was bullied for being skinny and Asian. A wimpy kid who grew up to become a super hero (or close to it). This is my story and I want it to empower you to take charge of your life and create the path you want, not what someone else wants for you.

Allergies and Feeling Hungry

Hunger is the last thing on the mind of a person struggling through a bout of hay fever. Allergy sufferers frequently suffer from reduced appetite, probably as a result of the many unpleasant symptoms that allergies produce. Paradoxically, hunger can be an allergy symptom, but, according to emerging research, it most likely is associated with...

Can Allergies Cause Flu-Like Symptoms?

An aching head, sore muscles, runny nose, as well as lack of energy and an upset stomach are all flu symptoms; however, they can also indicate a food allergy or allergic rhinitis, which can be seasonal or year-round, notes Most people get the flu less than once a year, but if you are experiencing symptoms more frequently, you may...