Ania Stasica

NAMI Ambassador, Freelance Creative

United States

Vivid stories tend to follow an unconventional plot-line, much like my life's work.

Evolving through an eclectic variety of work experiences in creative and client-oriented industries, I’ve focused on developing a well-rounded communications skillset through acting, modeling, experiential marketing, and non-profit public speaking.

Regardless of the industry, I am a storyteller at heart.

Unpublished social media copy sample
Kitsch Social Copy

Kitsch is a hair accessory and lifestyle brand.


It has always been one of my favorite times of the year for it's complexity. Beyond the comforting feeling of a warm sweater shielding crisp air, the sweets and spices of seasonal harvest, and the buzzing energy of haunts and hay rides, there lies a deep entanglement.

Balancing Humility and Pride.

It is easy to fall into the depths of polarization, be it in a political climate, or in the simple making of a choice of preferred ice cream flavor. We often see the majority jump from one extreme to another, using an "all or nothing" approach. A dual party system.