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Going Viral: YouTube and Its Moneymakers | Currency Solutions

On 16 June 2006, only a year after YouTube first made its appearance on the Internet, a series of vlogs by a 16-year-old girl called Bree rapidly gathered attention. The narrative-driven videos of her awkward teenage confessions and their naïve personal nature were something totally new and unique.

Warcraft Topping the Chinese Box Office | Currency Solutions

Generating $156 million (£109 million) during the first 5 days of its release in China, the fantasy film Warcraft (2016) is taking China's box office by storm, heading to become the highest-grossing film since Furious 7.

Anti-Cheating Apps: Licence to Spy | Currency Solutions

As our lives and relationships are increasingly played out on the slippery world of social media and dating apps, so our technologies are racing to catch up, inventing and tailoring their tools to meet our contemporary needs. Or do they?

What does the Fox Say? | Currency Solutions

Every story is told from someone's perspective. When yesterday, Barnier said that the UK's demands about single market access were "simply impossible," others came to the UK's rescue to argue the opposite. Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, who was in Japan with Theresa May, said that Britain won't be "blackmailed" into paying an excessive bill just to move the negotiations forward.

UK Budget: Is Hammond Robin Hood or Robbin' the Hood? | Currency Solutions

"Boring is good," Hammond advises his colleagues according to The Financial Times. Thus, there were no surprises when Hammond's familiar lifeless tone delivered an equally lifeless budget. From the Telegraph to the Guardian, Hammond's budget was described as "boring", delivered in his formulaic style: "make them laugh, make them sigh and bore them to death."

Who's Afraid of Nicola Sturgeon? | Currency Solutions

Theresa May's worst nightmare has come true. On Monday, a day before her possible triggering of article 50, the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, announced that she will have a second referendum on Scottish independence. Later, the same day, May changed her mind about article 50, saying that she would trigger it later, by the end of the month.

Warning: 5 Disastrous Post-Brexit Effects | Currency Solutions

The Brexit vote has marred the financial, political and social landscape, placing the UK in a volatile and vulnerable position from which recovery will be a long and risky process. While the Brexit vote has caused sterling to plummet, spreading its shadows over businesses and consumers, Brexit itself has not happened yet, and this is a different chapter altogether, whose consequences are still unclear.

May 11, 2017
Sterling Steady on BoE Super Thursday

The Pound may spike higher today if the Bank of England governor's "Super Thursday" speech and monetary policy include a suggestion of raising interest rates in the future. Rising core inflation has been steadily moving past the Bank's target rate of 2%.

Tory Manifesto Revealed: The Dawn of Mayism?

Currency Solutions Theresa May launched her manifesto on Thursday, 18 May in Halifax with a speech during which she talked about her plan for a "stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain."

Brexit: Pound Falls as Inflation Rises | Currency Solutions

UK inflation rate hit a five and a half-year high this morning, putting renewed pressure on the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, to raise interest rates in November. The fall of the pound since the Brexit vote has pushed prices up, hurting businesses and households.