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Hi there,

I'm an engaging and innovative writer who thrives off tackling a variety of topics and tones. I have written for Nationwide Building Society (a UK based financial institution), a number of online clients, along with a couple of large NZ corporations such as GNS Science and MBIE. As you'll see from the range in my portfolio I've honed the ability to write in almost any tone, about any subject.

I hope you enjoy my work.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Travel in New Zealand

Kia Ora, travel bugs! Have you been longing for a trip around New Zealand but your bank balance is a hurdle you can't seem to leap? Would that be a little less daunting if you could travel using no more than the change in your pocket?

Jones Landscapes

Jones Landscapes is a Melbourne based business specialising in residential landscape construction. ensure that they get to know their customers and build a relationship with them to ensure that they fully understand their needs and tastes. The business is kept small on purpose so that every job taken on get's the personalised and focused treatment they deserve.

University Assignment
Delhi Belly Dilemmas

A travel article that had to have an injection of science

Digital Romance, Inc.
How to look for love in the right places

It often coincides with a time where for some reason or another, you aren't meeting anyone new, or those that you are meeting just aren't your cup of tea. Perhaps all your friends are hooked-up, or you just don't feel comfortable bumping and grinding with a stranger in a club.

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What are the trending web design layouts?

The emphasis put on websites to perform at high-speed is set to have an impact on the web layout trends in 2015. The strict, traditional formula of having a compulsory header, footer, sidebar and content area is being thrown out the window for a sleeker option.