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Asia E Jones

Communications Liaison

Location icon United States

I am a University of Missouri - Columbia Journalism School alumna and an award-winning communicator. As a freelance content creator, I write to connect influencers, small business owners and non-profit leaders to their audience.

Making Emotional Wellness A Priority

Psychotherapy is a possible resource to help you assess your mental health in a safe way and below are a few reasons you should consider it. Mental health is something most people agree should be important but don't necessarily make a priority until the situation is critical. Life cha ...

The Blue Springs Magazine
Outdoor Living: Discovering Local Adventures

Created and edited content for the magazine. Highlights include: local development, new businesses, tips for emergency preparation and the unique opportunities residents have to explore several Missouri habitats.

The City Beat
Internal Newsletter

Streamlining internal communication and keeping employees informed about, department functions, city events, workplace accomplishments, safety tips, local ballot initiatives and more.

Young Latino Professionals of Greater Kansas City
Membership Sheet

One sheet to inform new and potential members about what YLP does and how they can be involved

Young Adult Ministry Annual Report
Internal Distribution

The Young Adult Ministry's annual review of 2017 happenings and plans for 2018

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