Ashley Somwaru

Editorial Intern, Asian American Writers Workshop

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Asian American Writers' Workshop
August Bookmarks: 21 New Books by Asian Writers

Tadao Tsuge's visionary punk manga, Fatimah Asghar's Partition poetry, Ling Ma's anti-capitalist zombie satire, and Etel Adnan's apocalyptic aphorisms. Set in the 1950s during the Korean conflict, If You Leave Me is a riveting story of war, refugee life, and a struggle to choose between safety and passion.

Asian American Writers' Workshop
July Bookmarks: 25 New Books by Asian Writers

The overlooked poetry of the Tang era, Indian American exile fiction, a biography of the first Japanese American novelist, and new Asian American dystopias. Border Crossings by Thaddeus Rutkowski Border Crossings explores the geographical and psychological "crossings" a person faces when traveling to another country or moving through various states of mind.

Asian American Writers' Workshop
June Bookmarks: 20 New Books by Asian Writers

June brings the poetry of the Sri Lankan long durée, South Korean domestic thrillers, number one Chinese restaurants, and new myths of old Morocco. Swole drowns us in poetic remembrance of Hurricane Katrina. However in the lines conveying the catastrophe, the hope and hopelessness, and the aftermath of the water that overflowed into people's lives, Jerika Marchan convinces us that this event is not in the past.

Asian American Writers' Workshop
Keeping Tabs: Refusing Death

Religious supremacy, colonial erasure's legacies, and seventy years of Palestinian resistance to occupation. Often the saying is to leave the past behind you. But what are Palestinians to do when they are repeating being shoved out of their homeland? May 15th marked the 79th anniversary of Nakba, the destruction of Palestine and the uprooting of thousands of people from their homes.

Tying a Future Together in America

An Indo-Carib couple's tale: When pursuing dreams give way to raising a family in NYC Over the static of creaking through the radio and while soaking chicken in lime water, my mother purses her lips as she racks her brain, trying to find a good enough answer to why she came to New York.

Dollars & Sense
Bangladeshis Find Home in Jamaica

When Tahmid Arman moved from Bangladesh to New York three years ago, he left his parents behind. At 19, Arman wanted to follow his dream of getting an education. Coming from a society where many parents dictate their children's lives, Arman said his parents let him choose his own future.

Dollars & Sense
Che's Farm Time for Students Lives On

Che Guevara, the iconic revolutionary who fought alongside Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution, gazes sternly from beneath his military beret on the front of a battered three-peso note, which is worth about 11 cents in United States currency.

Dollars & Sense
As Sea Levels Rise, Cuba Acts

From the Malecón, an esplanade that stretches five miles along Havana's bay, the city appears stuck in time, some of its buildings and battlements dating back to the 16 th century and seemingly immovable. But stability may be an illusion. In fact, the frequent waves breaking over the Malecón are witness to changing times.

Woman Like a Man: Blurring Gender Lines

Societal pressures have always forced women to live in strict establishments where they are reduced to being a wife, sister, mother, or daughter. Bearing these roles, women in society have been binded into the duties that come with these titles. They are not allowed to engage in roles that are typically associated with men.