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Ashley Seek

Location icon Singapore

Ashley is an experienced writer for print and social media and a team player who plays into the strengths of both himself and his colleagues.

Can recognise and cultivate the potential in others, able to meet deadlines even within time constraints and finds deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.

On the side, plays video games competitively and has participated in multiple video game tournaments.

Notable Roles:

1. Conceptualised local Youtube web series "The Leon Theory"

2. Social media and magazine writer for "The Singapore Army Facebook" and "Army News" during National Service from Jul 2016 to Aug 2018

3. Written for other websites such as GoodyFeed and Yellow Pages.



Enter The Hidden Arcade That's Tucked Away In A Former Bishan Bomb Shelter

Imagine walking into a large arcade full of blaring music and flashing lights. You head down to the back and hear the loud smacking of buttons and dropping of coins. Amidst it all, the pained groans of a loser and a loud "Yes!" of the winner at a Super Street Fighter II Turbo machine.

The Singapore Army Facebook

The Singapore Army Facebook
24 SA Milestone Parade

Interviewed personnel and did coverage for the event. Pictures taken by a colleague.

The Singapore Army Facebook
Guards Day 2017

Covered the event, photos taken by colleagues.

Army News

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