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A great brand is like a human body.

Without organs and fat, our bodies would be a big pile of bones.
Without content, that's essentially what business would be -
especially in today's fast paced world.
My goal is to create and promote content so that websites have some "meat" on the bones of their brand.

Whether my role is social media manager, blogger, or content contributor, my aim is to learn as much about the subject matter
and become the voice of that brand.
Be it chasing the latest story from the hottest pop stars, or creating engaging content for a lighting company, I've done it all.
I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn
and new ways to grow in my ability to become the voice people turn to, as well as hone my own voice as a freelance contributing writer.

How To Create Your Own Social Media Plan -

Social media seems to be there for us all the time, so we want to just dive in and use it as business owners. The truth is that effective use of social media for business requires planning, budgeting, and research. Follow the steps below to get a better sense of direction for your business social media marketing.

Why Your Facebook Ads Just Aren't Working -

Once you decide to delve into the world of Facebook advertising, you are most likely excited to see the results. Disappointment will be your only result if after a certain amount of time you do not see any progress with your ads. There are a few reasons that your Facebook ads aren't giving you results.

What To Avoid Doing On Social Media -

There are way too many unspoken rules on the Internet, but you have to keep up with them if you want to get your marketing done right. Below, you'll find some of the best things that you can do (and not do) for your business social media: Avoid Content Overload There is so much content out there that it's easy for customers to get content overload.

Should You Recycle Content? -

There's a lot of content out there. It's difficult to reinvent the wheel. Just about everything that could be said has already been said in one way or another. You probably have created quite a lot of good content over a period of time.

Just How Valuable Is Facebook? -

We hear about social media sites on a daily basis from our friends, family, and even the news reports. As a business owner, do you understand the full impact of just how valuable social media can be. Let's break down Facebook. In a 20 minute span, millions of links are shared.

Is Your Keyword Strategy Customer Focused? -

The keywords that you use across your business have a few purposes. You might have been under the impression that keywords simply are how your customers find your business, but keywords do so much more than that.

What Is A Marketing Strategy And How Do You Develop One? -

As a business owner, you know that you need to be marketing your business in order to achieve sales goals. You need to choose where and when to market your products and services along with running your business. If you're a small business owner running the show on your own, you don't have time to worry about marketing.

Facebook Takes Sharing One Step Further With Stories -

Everything that is popular online has to do with some sort of video, image, and shortform entertainment. If there's one thing you should know about creating content, it's that people really want you to get to the point. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of visuals like video and photos.

WHY LIVE STREAMING? WHAT'S THE ROI? A Guest Blog Post By Ashley Hinds In the Internet marketing world, we have heard the phrase over and over again: "Content Is King" When I hear this, many more questions run through my mind. What kind of content are we referring to?

Dental Handpiece Repair by Arpino Dental
Methods For Electric Handpiece Repair - Dental Handpiece Repair by Arpino Dental

Every dentist is dependent on the electric handpiece in order for the practice to run smoothly. Since it's so versatile, the tool is also happens to be quite intricate. Proper maintenance allows the handpiece to keep running safely. The sterilization process is actually what has the greatest effect on the equipment itself, causing it to ...

Facebook Changes Its Mission -

Facebook rose to be one of the top tech companies very quickly. With over 1 billion active users and counting throughout the world currently, the company has a big role to fill. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently wrote a letter noting some big changes in the company's mission.

Industrial Traceability Solutions
The Trusted History Of CIM USA

Some "new" technologies in the consumer and business world aren't so new to CIM's offices all over the world. Technologies like EMV chip cards and other protections for business and consumers have been in our use for years. CIM was founded in 1985 and has been growing consistently ever since.

Industrial Traceability Solutions
How EMV Cards Reduce Fraud

EMV chip card technology is named after its developers, Europay, Mastercard and Visa. It was developed in order to protect cardholder data and reduce fraud. The technology has been deployed to over 80 countries due to its success in providing more secure credit card usage. How Does EMV Prevent Fraud?

Is Content The Currency Of The Marketing World? -

The world moves fast. We've all heard the saying, "Time is money." If that's true for business, then the time you spend producing content is directly related to your revenue. In the world, one currency is worth more than others depending upon where you are.

Custom Barres
Ballet and The NFL: An Unexpected Pair

Posted on Ballet may seem like the furthest thing from Sunday football games, but the two athletic outlets have a lot in common. One greatly helps performance in the other. A barre workout can be physically demanding and prepare athletes to perform at top tier in their respective positions.

Your Guide To Content Curation -

We often hear a lot about content creation, but how often do we hear about content curation? Content curation is just as important as creating your own unique blogs, videos and articles. Here, we'll explore the topic of content curation What Is Content Curation?

Marketing in 2017: What To Expect -

When it comes to planning your marketing efforts for 2017, you'll need to know what's on the horizon. 2016 has seen a lot of exciting developments in technology, From finding the realm of virtual reality in Facebook 360 videos, to Pokemon Go, to fake news, we've explored a lot this year.
How To Safely Trim Baby's Nails

Every new parent wonders if they need to trim their baby's nails. The answer is yes! Your baby's fingernails will get sharp and pose a hazard to themselves and you. These tiny fingernails and toenails grow fast and may require frequent cutting.

Why You Need To Be Using Video Marketing Techniques -

Your content creation strategies need to keep evolving in order for you to reach the right audience and keep your customers engaged with what your business is doing. Video is something that most businesses should consider adding to their content strategy in 2017. So, how can you implement video successfully?

How To Create Extraordinary Content -

When creating content for your business, it's your chance to let your creativity shine. It's the interesting and informative aspects of your content that make people want to come back and read what you're putting up on social media and your blog. Ultimately, this is also what attracts customers.

Should Your Business Take A Break From Social Media? -

For years now, celebrities have made the news for quitting Twitter and Instagram. These celebs have stated that they "need a break," and want to "make more time for themselves." The difference is that you can't think about taking time away from helping your business grow.

How To Find Your Target Audience And Reach Them -

Finding your target market could be one of the most difficult things that you'll do with content marketing. In order to create the right content, you'll need to know who your audience is. How do you find your target market?

How To Successfully Promote Your Event On Social Media -

The use of social media can help lead to successful event promotion. With everyone using social media these days, it seems like a simple formula for advertising. However, is simply putting your event out there enough to encourage people to attend your event?

How To Use Instagram For Business Successfully -

When it comes to capitalizing on social media, no social network is hotter right now than Instagram. If you're going to make insta-use of this great outlet for your business, you'll need some things in place first. We'll break down some Instagram marketing tips for you right here.

How To Make Your Customers Feel Extra Special -

There's so many different ways that your customers find your business. That's the focus of your marketing efforts- to help people discover you easily and encourage them to do business with you. Online marketing has many pieces to the big puzzle picture. One of the most important parts of that puzzle is making your customers feel special.

Journey Malibu Rehabilitation Center
Recognizing Ambien Abuse

Ambien is a prescription sleep aid prescribed by physicians. It can be great in helping people to deal with insomnia in the short term, However it can become addictive. The things that we think are "safe" sometimes have the most potential to be a hazard. If a physician decides that a patient...

Mrs. Bella's Champagne Dolls
Champagne Dolls : Here's Why Champagne is So Romantic

Champagne is a fantastic drink to have at parties and special events. It symbolizes something special. Sparkling wine has been a part of celebrations since at least the time of the French Revolution. But what is it exactly that makes champagne so romantic and celebratory?

PENFACTORY.COM - How Promotional Products Help Your Business

You've heard of the law of reciprocity. If you give your customers a little something, they're more likely to give a little bit (or a lot) of business back to you! Whether a customer does business with you immediately or in the future, a promotional product is a great way to help customers resonate with your business.

Joy of Health
Hyaluronic Acid - The Miracle Supplement - Joy of Health

Hyaluronic acid could quite possibly be the key to the fountain of youth. Joint pain and stiffness, saggy, wrinkled skin are just some of the issues we all face as we age. Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that is present in all of the body's connective tissues and is responsible for maintaining moisture in these tissues.

Mrs. Bella's Champagne Dolls
Where Did Cigarette Girls Originate?

A "cigarette girl" refers to, in American and European culture, a person that sells cigarettes from a tray attached by a neck strap. These girls may also carry ...

What's The Perception Of Your Brand? -

There's a problem that exists in brand awareness that isn't usually the first thing business owners think of. This problem is in the perception of a brand versus the reality of a brand. People tend to have skewed views and opinions of the way things really are.

Here's When And How Brands Should Transform -

Brands are constantly changing in today's world. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. the important thing when it comes to your brand is to be sure that you're executing changes in the right way. Companies evolve with people's needs and the current state of the world we're living in.

Why Every Business Needs To Be An Author In 2016

Writing skills used to be important for a certain subset of employees within every industry. Companies employed technical writers and copywriters for very specific tasks. Now, each and every industry needs to be concerned with creating quality content. From social media pages to the company website to monthly blogs, there's so much writing to be done.

Why Your Business Should Take Advantage Of Snapchat Geofilters -

Why Your Business Should Take Advantage Of Snapchat Geofilters Snapchat is the "Next Big Thing" in social media. Actually, if your business isn't on Snapchat, you're falling behind. Like all of its predecessors, you may be wondering how you can make the best use of the quick image and video sharing app for your business.

What Your Logo Should Say About Your Company -

Marketing starts with your company's image. Your image contains everything from the company logo to the products that you sell. Where customers view the logo is the place where they identify with your corporate identity. The logo means something to your customers. It conveys what your company is all about and what it offers.

Does Every Business Need Social Media? -

You hear a lot about social media. In fact, it's one of the cores of our business here at Rank Sharks. Facebook is a huge time killer for most of us in our everyday lives, but in that time your potential customers are soaking up loads of information.

Why Facebook Ads Are More Important Than Ever -

A new report by TechCrunch says that Facebook is planning to introduce ads into its Messenger application. These ads will be much different than those that we typically see on our Facebook timelines. The ads in Messenger will be completely business based and targeted exclusively through business pages' message applications to consumers who have previously contacted a business via Messenger.

Simple Decorating Tips That Make A Huge Difference In A Room

If you've ever sat in a room of your home and wondered, "What can I do to make sense of this space?", you're not alone. We have some great interior design tips for you to consider when it comes to creating a well-designed room.

How to Make Your Mark on Social Media with Special Offers -

Facebook recently celebrated "Friends Day" in which people could share videos highlighting moments with their friends. While it was Facebook's holiday, the hashtag quickly took over Twitter as well. People resonated with the idea of honoring their friends. While Facebook is at the top of the social media food chain, it doesn't mean that others can't feed off of the media giant.

Snapchat Takes Photo Sharing To The Next Level -

There's so much that can be done with Snapchat as an app in both personal and business applications. The app recently announced a new feature entitled "Memories," which allows for the sharing of non-snapchat photos as well as a way to easily save and share snaps.

Done-For-You Business Development for B2B Companies
4 Trick to Set Better Goals for Your Business

There's a difference between simply setting goals and setting the goals for your business. Let's say your business is booming-profit margins are great, employees are happy, and customer satisfaction is at an all time high-and yet you still have the feeling that you could significantly improve your systems and get even better returns.

Interior Design Tricks That Were a Secret Until Now

Interior designers have a few tried and true tricks that they use to bring any room from boring to wow. Here, we share just a few of these not-so-obvious design tricks. Read on to find brand new ways to make your rooms feel complete.

How To Step Up Your Instagram Marketing Game -

Instagram remains one of the most important social networks for marketing. There's many ways that you can make your Instagram marketing campaign a hit just by following a few simple tips. Once you define your brand, Instagram is actually pretty easy to navigate and even fun.
The Rich History Of Palm Desert Can Inspire Your Design

Now that Rapport Furniture has a great new storefront in Palm Desert, we took the time to think about all of the ways this rich area can inspire the design in your home. Palm Desert is a place full of history and culture.

How To Get Your Design Groove Back

All of us can end up in an interior decorating slump at one time or another. Here, we have some tips to help you get motivated to bring your home's interior to another level. Take One Room At A Time Pick one room and work on it.

The Essential Furniture Pieces Your Home Is Missing

There's so many different types of furniture that you can have in your home. Many of us think very one dimensionally when it comes to where certain types of furniture pieces can be placed. In this post, we're helping you to think outside of the box when it comes to the essential pieces in your home.

Design Trends You Should Steal This Summer

We're in the thick of the summer season. Everything moves a bit slower and people feel more relaxed. Our design styles even change during the summer months. Below are some of the top interior design trends for summer that you can incorporate in your home.

What are the important components of a great room?

If you're in the process of redesigning the interior of your home, you probably have a lot of questions. Remember that any design should embody the purpose of the space. You should revolve your design around what you want your space to be.

Colors That Are Great For Summer Interior Design

There are plenty of colors that are great for summer interior design. Many of the colors that bode well with summer tend to be ones that we don't think of because they may be bolder or unconventional. We'll show you how to make colors work for you this summer season in this blog post.