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I see the world differently than most people do. I see opportunity everywhere. I'm capable of switching from a passionate idealist with never ending motivation, to the enthusiastic, creative free spirit on the dance floor. I am fiercely independent, and I constantly crave creativity and freedom.

I've published two books that are available globally on all major online retailers. One being a poetry book, and one being a motivational quotation writing prompt journal for others who also enjoy this form of healthy expression. I love exploring new perspectives, and opening my mind to new and exciting things. I write because I love the ability to escape reality in the most natural of ways.

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"This website saved my life. All of my friends and I read the articles like crazy during our sleepovers. Thank you for everything that you do R.Y.M!!" " I just wanted to say that I really like your whole reconstruct your mind idea:) " "Well you could be conceded.

What to remember when everything seems to be falling apart.

You have experienced something awful in your past, and you've moved forward. You will continue to go through this cycle for the rest of your life, you will continue to learn from every struggle. The knowledge you have is unlike any other because it is gained from an event you've personally experienced yourself- this is a vital thing to always keep in mind.

dealing with clingers

So the girl that you're dating is cool, funny, beautiful, and a stage 5 clinger. GREAT! not. Your first step is determining the difference within this person as far as psychopath and clinger go. Psychopath : psy·cho·path [sahy-kuh-path] noun: 1.

50 things we take for granted

My biggest pet peeve of all would ultimately be when a person is unable to be appreciative of the simple necessities that should be considered luxurious. As human beings, disregarding our surroundings, ethnicities, religions, social classes, etc. We are still all equal. We are all beings on the same planet, living, and functioning. We all breathe in oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. Everyone takes things for granted, sometimes without noticing. I've made this article to specify the smaller,...

Why Feminism IS Important 

In this day and age there is far too many ignorant people that grace this planet. It's unhealthy, the amount of ignorance that people withhold. It's almost as if the majority of the human race is just so blind to what's right in front of their eyes.

What's R.Y.M

There are issues that are constantly brushed under the rug. These issues include any form of discrimination, rape, assault, mental illness, drug addiction, human trafficking, racism, and much more. If more of the population was aware of these issues it would cause information to be increased.

The Positivity Effect

It's also just as easy to create negative surroundings for all, simply by word of mouth. The Basics of the Positivity Effect: The positivity effect pertains to the tendency of people. When a person is viewing, seeing, and taking in the behaviors of another person that they like or admire, they give credit to that person's actions as the cause of their own positive behaviors .

Don't live in a fantasy when it comes to love.

It's those of us who have truly been heart broken that initially become the most pessimistic people around. It's only natural to stay guarded, angry, and have a slight constant sense of paranoia for a period of time. For some it's an overextended period of time because it's truly hard for them to fathom what has happened to them.

Being a girl and growing up without a mother made me who I am

I've recently been asked by multiple people to write a personal article about myself. I was more than willing to go along with this request. I feel that it's only fair for me to give back to you guys, the readers. All of you are so open and personal with me.

We Used to Talk like Lovers in the Middle of the Night
First Poetry Book Publishing

My first poetry book that is available globally for distribution.

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