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Ashley Mitrano

Writer, Community Manager, and Lover of Video Games

Location icon United States

I am and have always been a writer. From news articles to graphic novels, I have dabbled in any form of the written word I could get my hands on. I have been an editor, a creative writer, and a content writer and I love to share my work with the world. The only passion I have that rivals that of writing is the one I have for video games.

I also have experience as a community manager during my days on a partnered Twitch channel and at my current position where I manage a Facebook page all about video games.

Google Docs
First 3 Levels Of A Match-3 Mobile Game Script

The beginnings of a comedic story-heavy match-3 mobile game I'm currently writing in my spare time about a wizard's apprentice who suddenly finds themselves on a quest not just to save their master, but the world itself!

High Fantasy Novel - First 11 Pages

This is the first 11 pages of a high fantasy novel I've written which is currently being reviewed by publishers. The book is the first in a hopeful trilogy of high-fantasy novels that explore the complexities of good and evil, self growth, and the acceptance of one’s own sexuality. It addresses and rejects many fantasy tropes and works to provide a different outlook on the traditional fantasy story about a prophecy and a princess.

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