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A Year in the Hype: Can 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' Live Up to Expectations?

To call Netflix's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life "much anticipated" is akin to saying matriarch Emily Gilmore (Emily Bishop) is "a little tough" on her maids.Gracing screens across the US over the Thanksgiving holiday, the four-episode revival is easily the biggest event of the Fall TV season. No one knows this better than Netflix, which has been over-caffeinating the buzz around Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life since its official announcement last October, tempting fans with everything...

The top 10 plus size clothing stores in Toronto

The top stores for plus size clothing in Toronto are a far cry from what shoppers have come to expect from 14+ clothing. The elasticized waists, polyester turtleneck tunics, and sequined butterfly motifs that still haunt the shelves at some specialty retailers are slowly disappearing, thanks to the rising popularity...

Alpha North Group Ltd.
Website Front Page Content

We are not your ordinary employment agency. Fast, flexible, fresh – our people-inspired approach to hiring thinks outside the traditional recruitment box to find you the talent you need, when you need it. We can’t wait to show you the difference putting people first makes. The Perfect Fit... in 24 Hours or Less With our inspired, all hands on deck approach to hiring and our far-reaching, diverse network of talent, all we need is 1 day to start connecting you with the best and...

Fashion Profile: PRiMAALA

The overarching aesthetic is clearly influenced by Holt's love for Calvin Klein - intellectual and streamlined, with clean lines and impeccable fits, as seen in a white, body-skimming pinstriped dress with interesting cutouts and sharp shoulders, and a short black biker blazer with a white houndstooth lapel. This sort of powerful dressing - with a distinctly Olivia Pope vibe - may be old news in standard-sized fashion, but before PRiMAALA, clothing like this was nearly impossible to find...

Korean Beauty Chains Aim to Win Over Toronto Shoppers

Real-deal Korean products have been available in Toronto for some time, but until recently, retailers in the GTA were relegated to indoor strip malls or grocery store complexes... Pacific Mall was about the only refuge, offering more approachable shops like Holika Holika and TheFaceShop, which carried a little bit of everything, from BBs and skin treatments to the kind of kitschy, cutesy packaging and vibrant makeup that North American consumers often associate with Korean and Japanese...

Uncharted Sounds
Green Day Preaches to the Converted at Copps Coliseum

Televangelists would hate Green Day, but not for the band's frequent barbs against church, media and state. It seems, though, that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has taken to stealing their shtick. And, if the thousands of enraptured, fist-pumping congregants at Hamilton, ON's Copps Coliseum on July 16th were any indication, the Reverend Armstrong is beating...

Metro News Canada
Undead heroine's short on self-awareness | Metro News

Unlike many modern ladies of teen lit, Bella embodies very traditional notions of womanhood. Regardless of how questionable a role model she may be, she becomes stronger for her journey. The real injustice to Meyers' audience may be that, 754 transformative pages later, Bella still doesn't realize it.

Knighton Alarms Inc.
Mail Notification: Company Reaction to Protocol Change

Through the years, the emergence of private response agencies presented an effective alternative to police response. Therefore, our alarm customer is not limited to police response as the initial and only response. This means that, instead of immediate police action, a private mobile guard can be called and dispatched to the site of your intrusion alarm as the first response. Once on site, all guards perform a perimeter search of the premise and if the situation deems it necessary (i.e. in...

Ryerson Review of Journalism
Metal on Metal

On the right night, at the right bar, metal fans show up ready to go. Young men and women, barely old enough to cross the ID line, scan merchandise, buy drinks and wait for the show.

State Farm Insurance (Agency)
Direct Mail Marketing: Sales Letter

That’s what my office is all about. No call centres. No waiting on hold. Just friendly, knowledgeable service that’s always a phone call away.