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I'm currently an editor at Healthline, and am taking commissions on current affairs, fashion, and travel.

I recently relocated to the US after living abroad for nine years – four in the UK and five in the UAE. Formerly the Assistant Editor of Ultratravel magazine, Luxury magazine and #healthyliving magazine (published by The National newspaper in Abu Dhabi), I have previous experience managing international fitness and business titles, including Shape Middle East and Women's Health Middle East.

My work has also been featured in CNN Travel, Travelzoo and The Nopebook.



The Daily Mail's Photoshop Debacle Shows UK Press Must Do Better

Four days ago the Daily Mail was caught doctoring a stock image to illustrate a story about a 'Christian' foster child who was 'forced' to live with a Muslim family. The report stated that the family allegedly made the little girl learn Arabic, barred her from eating non halal foods, and even went as far as to take away her Christian cross necklace.

The Nopebook
Gun Control: America is Way Past the Point of No Return - The Nopebook

Four months ago, my husband and I relocated to the US after five years of living and working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our decision was, in part, based on wanting to start a family, assuming we are able to do so.It seemed for us like common sense.

At 32, I'm Still Being Shamed for My Natural Hair

By telling me that my hair was "pube-like," people were also trying to say that my natural hair shouldn't exist. Years ago, I would've thought this was my fault. But now that I'm at ease with my natural hair, I know it's not.

Votes By Women
The US is repealing Obamacare. Don't let the UK be next

Take it from an American, says Ashley Lane. If the Conservatives continue to dismantle the NHS, millions will end up in healthcare poverty When I was ten days old, something staggeringly rare happened to my mother: she became quadriplegic (unable to move her arms and legs) overnight.

Fashion + Design

The National
Mysterious Cities of gold at new Dubai homeware store

Walking into Cities in the Galleria Shopping Mall on Al Wasl Road in Dubai, there's a feeling of controlled chaos. It's an inviting atmosphere with a definite hint of sensory overload. Items are randomly placed around the room - on first glance, seemingly without rhyme or reason.

The National
The Insider: Paul Smith, the colourful craftsman

Paul Smith's first memory of carpets is linked to his father's love of photography. "My father loved to experiment. One day he said, 'Sit on this rug and pretend you are flying.' He had arranged a patterned rug on some boxes and wired the corners as though it was flying.

The National
Positive Luxury measures the sustainability credentials of global brands

Sustainability. It's the buzzword on the tongue of every scientist, politician, celebrity and consumer. Pick up any newspaper, click on any website and someone, somewhere, is urging you to take more of an interest in the future of our planet. It is not, however, a concept that's immediately associated with the luxury industry.

The Nopebook
Terry Richardson is the Tip of the Deeply Flawed Fashion Iceberg - The Nopebook

Last week, Conde Nast cut ties with the controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson over his history of sexual harassment allegations. The decision came hot on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal which, at present, has seen more than 90 women come forward, accusing the former Hollywood producer of sexual harassment and assault.

The National
Paris Fashion Week: Chanel goes back to basics

Many of us wondered how Karl Lagerfeld could possibly top the extravagance of Chanel's previous shows. Where do you go from a branded airport, supermarket and casino? Back to basics, is the answer. It started with the invite. On the front was a simple

The National
Comment: Will the see-now, buy-now trend change fashion weeks as we know it?

Seismic changes are happening to fashion week and it's split the industry into two camps: team "see-now, buy-now", clothes on the catwalk at industry events will be immediately available. The other corner, team "status-quo": brands and individuals who want to stick to a six-month waiting period between first showing and the high street.


CNN Travel
7 must-eats in Abu Dhabi

Ashley Lane, for CNN * Updated 5th April 2017 Editor's Note - CNN Travel's series often carries sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Read the policy.

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The National
No worries atoll in the Maldives

As we're herded onto a cramped, stiflingly hot seaplane, I wonder how something so dinky can possibly float, let alone fly. Although air travel is part of my job, I still fear flying, and specifically taking off. The smaller the aircraft, the more my

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