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Ashley Vega

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Ashley Vega is an aspiring writer with a passion for a variety of topics such as entertainment, fashion, and human rights. She exudes her love for writing and traveling as she traveled across the pond to obtain her masters in magazine journalism at Kingston University London. Writing has been a love of Ashley's ever since elementary school and she doesn't see herself in any other field. Ashley also enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, visiting art galleries, and discovering new places for a good cup of iced coffee.

Patrick J. Adams Left 'Suits' To Come Right Back - Here's Why!

By Ashley Vega The hit American drama Suits is on its last season, which means it has to be the best, right? The show has unfortunately seen a few departures throughout its run such as Gina Torres, who went on to do a Suits' spinoff called Pearson andof course, we had Meghan Markle, who famously married into royalty.

Fans of 'The 100' May Have Witnessed the Death of One of the Main Characters

By Ashley Vega After a glorious six seasons of CW's The 100, the post-apocalyptic show will be concluding after Season 7. During the sixth season, the main cast traveled from Earth to a different world called Sanctum. As per any drama series, not all good things last and their "sanctuary" Sanctum actually became disastrous.

The 20 Best Gifts For The Trickiest People On Your Holiday List

One of the most rewarding things about the holidays is seeing the priceless reaction on your loved one's face as they open the gift you thoughtfully picked out for them. But getting to that moment can be a bit chaotic, especially when it comes to...

Gay Times
Where does incoming Vice President Mike Pence stand on LGBT issues?

If you haven't turned on the television, opened a newspaper, or been on your phone, you're probably still well aware of the ongoing political saga that is President-elect Donald Trump. You just can't avoid it. With Trump's inauguration around the corner on 20 January, people are predicting he may not even have the chance to take a seat at the Resolute desk.

Meet ELHAE: The Hip Hop Singer's Thoughts on Love, Labels and London

If you've fallen in love, been in love-purgatory or been reborn into a new you, ELHAE is the artist who has put what you're feeling into song. You might have yet to discover the 26-year-old Atlanta-based musician, but it seems that's all about to change. He signed with Atlantic Records in 2015 and will...

Little Diversity in a Big Fashion World

You've got five seconds to think of one black designer. Can you do it? Probably not. The lack of diversity within the fashion industry has been an issue for quite some time. Aside from the mediocre coverage of black models, there has been a lack of black representation within the world of fashion designers, too....

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