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The gradireland podcast- how to have a CV building summer

In the second episode of the gradireland podcast, we spoke to Angela Collins, Head of careers in Waterford IT, and Emma Burns from Camp America about how to have a CV building summer. Angela spoke about the transferable skills that students and graduates can develop by working in a summer job, volunteering or going...

The gradireland podcast - professional styling with Laura Jordan

In the very first gradireland podcast, we spoke to Laura Jordan, owner of Ireland's only style consultancy firm, Style Savvy. Laura spoke to students and graduates at the gradireland Summer Fair this year about the importance of workplace style and personal branding. The change in how we work and how we are employed over the...

The gradireland podcast - interview and employability skills

In the third episode of the gradireland podcast, we spoke to Sinéad English, the founder of Hilt, and Tara Walsh, Learning and Development Manager at David Meade, about how to improve your interview and employability skills. Sinéad, who is a careers consultant, spoke to students and graduates at the gradireland Summer Fair this year...

The gradireland podcast - graduate careers in PR

In the fourth episode of The gradireland podcast, we spoke to the Chief Executive of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland, Martina Byrne, about PR in the digital media lanscape and how to kickstart your career in PR. Martina discussed how digital media has become another "tool" for PR professionals to utilise in the...

The gradireland podcast - the Lidl graduate programme

In the fifth episode of the gradireland podcast, we spoke to Evanna McGrath, Lidl's Graduate Programme Manager, about what graduates can gain from the Lidl graduate programme. Speaking to us at the gradireland Summer Fair this year, she discussed what graduates will learn during the 18-month programme.

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The Blue Chair - Podcast


DCUtv News: Final Performance of Sweeney Todd

DCU Media Production Society (DCU MPS) And finally, DCU Drama performed Sweeney Todd for their annual musical last week in St. Patrick's Auditorium. Orla O'Driscoll and Ashleigh Nolan went down to check out the show, speak with the cast, and hear what the audience thought.

DCUtv News: Latte Levy

A new levy on disposable coffee cups is on the cards in a bid to force people to start buying reusable ones. The charge would be likely to be initially set at around 10 to 15 cent per cup. Our reporters got reactions on this story from DCU students.

DCUtv News: Gender neutral bathrooms

Our reporters investigated the accessibility and knowledge surrounding the recent introduction of gender neutral bathrooms across DCU campuses. Report by Ashleigh Nolan, Orla O' Connor and Michael O' Scannail

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Temporarily out of service - The College View

On March 2nd, as temperatures fell and images of snowmen and igloos filled news-feeds, the video of a JCB digger pulling the roof off of a South Dublin Lidl supermarket stood starkly in contrast. Later, footage surfaced of someone attempting to smash open the store's safe with the same digger, while dozens of young people watched on.

The College View
Amazon bookstores dehumanise book buying - The College View

Amazon is a multi-billion-dollar company that has been around for over two decades. They stream music and TV shows, sell everything from cameras to Halloween costumes and have revolutionised reading with the kindle. They also began by selling books online. When Amazon was set up, many bookstores feared for their future.

The College View
The journey to the J1 - The College View

Going on a J1 has become a staple of the college experience. The excitement of heading across the Atlantic to spend a summer broadening your horizons is a wonderful experience. It's that excitement that makes you scrounge together the money for the flight, telling your Mammy for the billionth time that you'll be safe and, is ultimately what makes you say goodbye to your family and board the plane.

Her Campus

Her Campus
"In my eyes, she became a symbol"

In a world where a man who objectifies women is President of the United States and Irish women still do not have full bodily autonomy, the importance of a having a role model, of having someone who inspires women, who pushes us all to be better, is paramount.

Her Campus
How to get out of a funk

Getting into a funk isn't unusual. Particularly at this time of the year when assignments pile up and exams draw near. Unfortunately, getting out of a funk is significantly harder. All the stress and deadlines can leave you feeling a bit off, not quite yourself, yet you can't quite put your finger on exactly what is wrong.

Her Campus
J1 2017 - Camp counsellor

When I set off for my J1 in June, I did not know the impact it would have on me. I expected to return home much more cultured, with a love of travel and an addiction to McDonald's. Instead, I returned with so much more.