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Anjana Sankar K

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Journalist by profession. Humanist by passion!
Travel junkie with the proverbial nose for news. Human rights, migration and conflict zones are areas of special interest.

'They came armed, with faces covered'

Tiny group of Hindu Rohingya refugees recount tales of horror In Hindupara locality in Kutupulong, a small crowd of Rohingya refugee women are collecting aid from a local charity. Clad in brightly coloured sarees and wearing glowing red dots on their forehead, they looked strikingly different from the thousands of women you see in other camps and on the roadside.

Their faces haunt me, they loom closer now

I saw a tiny glint of hope in the eyes of refugees when they spoke to me. Did I imagine it? After an exhaustive five-day coverage of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, I am all set to fly back to Abu Dhabi.

They killed our family as we fled homes to be alive

According to a UN estimate, the total number of Rohingya who have fled Myanmar since August 25 following a military crackdown, has crossed 415,000. They are people who have no place to call home.

Terror watch being kept on Rohingya refugee influx

Bangladesh has banned telecommunication companies from selling mobile phone connections to the refugees, citing security concerns. Bangladesh is keeping a close watch on the refugee influx to make sure Rohingya camps are not targeted by extremist elements for potential recruits, a senior official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Khaleej Times.

Rohingya refugees still counting on Suu Kyi to save them

Mothalab escaped to Bangladesh 14 years ago and lives in the Lede makeshift camp with his family that consists of nine children. Thousands of fleeing Rohingya are still pinning their hopes on Nobel winner and State Counsellor of Myanmar, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, for a dignified return to their homeland, a senior Rohingya leader has said.

Opening heart and home to refugees

This Bangladeshi woman has opened up her heart and home to dozens of desperate refugees Azeeza Begum's huge plot in Shamlapur is the last refuge for many Rohingya refugees who have newly arrived in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. This Bangladeshi woman has opened up her heart and home to dozens of desperate refugees who have otherwise no place to call home.

Indian embassy thwarts 700 bogus job offers in six months

Of 792 inquiries received by the embassy, only 66 turned out to be genuine. The Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi has thwarted more than 700 fake job offers made to its citizens in the last six months, the Indian ambassador said.

Panic as owner of UAE-based money exchange absconds

The unexpected closure of the exchange has left a trail of heartbreaks, as customers lost amounts between Dh1,000 and Dh45,000. Unexpected closure of a money exchange has created panic among scores of customers in the UAE, Khaleej Times has learned.

Wife exposes husband's abuse on social media in UAE

The husband M.H. who works for a bank, rubbished the allegations when Khaleej Times spoke to him on Monday. A Filipino mother who claims to be a victim of domestic abuse has taken to social media to expose her husband, Khaleej Times has learned. "I suffer for so many years.

Penniless American in UAE gets Dh230,000 hospital bill waived

With no funds or family to support him, Himes has been living in a room in Sharjah, Rolla, thanks to a kind-hearted family. A homeless 70-year-old American, who has been living on charity in Sharjah, can finally hope to fly home as a private hospital has waived off his medical bills to the tune of Dh230,000.

Abu Dhabi hospital steps in after mother abandons newborn

A Filipino woman in her early 20s gave birth to Omer prematurely through an emergency C-Section surgery. An abandoned four-month-old Filipino baby is being taken care of by the staff at a private hospital in Abu Dhabi, Khaleej Times has learned.

Of course you can learn from a mahout how to handle people

Wooing your lady love is a painstaking affair. Historically, men have slain demons, crossed mountains and swum oceans to do so. But that is history. Today, the art of wooing is dying, or so goes the word. For those struggling with the basics, my advice is, head to a zoo!

Why not exit the skyscraper and move into a houseboat?

The UAE is coming up with floating homes that have more than novelty going for them The sky-high prices of the Abu Dhabi rental market have left many expatriates in deep water. But a boat-obsessed aquaphile like Berend Lens van Rijn is someone who knows exactly how to stay afloat - in the literal sense.

UAE braces to give Eman new hope

In a country grappling with obesity twice the world's rate, Dr Vayalil said Burjeel Hospital's decision to take in Eman will send out a strong message. Treating the world's heaviest woman is a big fight against the UAE's swelling obesity problem, said Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, chairman and managing director of VPS Healthcare in Abu Dhabi.

Watch: Pakistani 5-star chef becomes cabbie in UAE

The heartbreaking story of how an expat went from working with Michelin Star chefs to driving a taxi in UAE. If you happen to hail Zohaib Ashiq's taxi in Abu Dhabi, don't mistake him for an ordinary cabbie.

Indian wins Dh7 million jackpot in Abu Dhabi

Indian wins Dh7 million jackpot in Abu Dhabi Filed on March 6, 2017 | Last updated on March 6, 2017 at 06.05 am His first priority is to pay off bank loans in his home country. Indian expat Sreeraj Krishnan Kopparembil will wake up as a millionaire on Monday.

Home alone American children living on German charity in Abu Dhabi

Their mother, a divorced school teacher, was reportedly serving a term in Al Ain jail for a financial crime involving dud cheques. Three American children in Abu Dhabi have been surviving on handouts from a German charity after their mom got imprisonsed, Khaleej Times has learned.

No big deal: UAE worker returns German's wallet

"He is a real hero. I am so touched by his honesty," said Krause. If you measure a man by his honesty and uprightness, then Bangladeshi worker Jahir Rehman definitely stands tall. The 42-year-old maintenance worker from Abu Dhabi who earns a monthly salary of Dh700 has safely returned a wallet with cash and cards he found on a park bench last Wednesday.

Husbands gone, these UAE-based women took life head on

It is not possible to fly on one wing. But many gutsy women in the UAE do just that. As widows and single mothers, they fight all odds to soar high. On International Women's Day, Anjana Shankar and Ashwani Kumar bring you the extraordinary fights of four ordinary women facing life's adversities.

Flare-ups at LoC, friendships in UAE

Abu Dhabi Relations between nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan may have hit a new low, but in the UAE there is no line of control dividing the hearts and minds of Indians and Pakistanis who live here as friends, co-workers and even roommates.

Young refugee children learn to cope in a foreign land

Munich: As you enter the blue concrete dorm building run by Caritas for unaccompanied minor refugees, in the heart of the Munich city, the rustic beat of a Pashtun song greets you in the hallway. Huddling on a couch at the entrance of an indoor volleyball court, Jaan Mohammad, 14, from Afghanistan is flipping through his mobile playing his favourite songs.

Inside a 50-hectare organic farm in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: A tour of the Al Rawafed Agriculture Organic Farm in Abu Dhabi makes you feel you are somewhere in the middle of lush tropical greenery and definitely not in the middle of a desert.

Khalidiya: A foodie's paradise in Abu Dhbai

Abu Dhabi: 'Spoilt for choice' is an understatement if you are hungry and happen to be in Khalidiya. The sheer number and variety of eateries in this busy neighbourhood make it the food basket of Abu Dhabi. Their bright neon signs beckon at every corner and some streets have over a dozen restaurants.

Fancy a shark shawarma?

Abu Dhabi: The popular shawarma is no longer the humble street food it used to be. Over the years, the traditional Arab wrap (see box) has reinvented itself to take on several new exotic forms, with the result that the good old chicken and lamb staples are now almost passe.

Kerala election battle hots up in the UAE

ABU DHABI: South Indian politicians are falling over each other to woo the UAE's sizeable Malayali population ahead of an important legislative assembly election in the state of Kerala. With less than three weeks left before the May 16 polls, campaigning has reached a fever pitch in the UAE, home to nearly 770,000 Keralites.

48 years of separation: 'I never thought I would see my brother and sister in this lifetime'

Abu Dhabi: Siblings separated as kids across the India-Pakistan border and a dramatic reunion almost five decades later, you may think, is stuff Bollywood tearjerkers are made of. But when T.P. Mammikutty, 75, and his sister Eyyathu, 85, both from Kerala, met their long-lost brother, Pakistani Hamza Sarkar, 76, after 48 long years, there were more tears and smiles than one would ever see on the silver screen.

Abu Dhabi residents duped by 'villa for rent' scam

ABU DHABI: A number of Abu Dhabi residents have been duped out of thousands of dirhams by a rental scam involving a 'villa for rent' ad on the online classifieds portal Dubizzle. Up to 10 people - both bachelors and families - lost amounts ranging from Dh8,000 to Dh40,000 in an audacious real estate fraud in which scammers used stolen Emirates IDs, tampered tenancy contracts and fake names.

'Mummy, do you think fatoush can eat us up?'

ABU DHABI A giant African spurred tortoise has found a new home in Abu Dhabi and made some friends too. Ten-year-old Fatoush, who was being looked after by a marine biologist at Park Hyatt Hotel for a week, now lives with the Metcalfe family in Al Reef Villas and plays in their backyard with three British kids Madeline 6, Devon 4 and Miles 2.

Exposed: Poachers peddling dubious drugs door to door

SHARJAH/ABU DHABI An XPRESS sting operation has uncovered a gang of Indian poachers who are going door to door in the UAE, peddling dubious medicines derived from the highly-endangered musk deer. They claim their concoctions can cure 101 diseases, including cancer.

100 pets dumped in Mina area rescued

Abu Dhabi: Animal activists claim they have rescued over 100 pets, mostly cats and a few dogs and chipmunks, after they were found abandoned in the area around the Mina animal market. According to them, the area had become a "dumping ground" for unwanted pets in the last two months.

Hot breads that sell like hot cakes in the capital

Abu Dhabi: There is no dearth of modern bakeries that supply a variety of breads in Abu Dhabi. But there is something about the good old Afghan bakeries that make the traditional tandoor-baked wheat breads or rotis which still have many takers.

School told to return Dh700 uniform fee

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has overturned an Indian school's decision to charge Dh700 for new school uniforms following complaints by parents. Scores of parents had approached ADEC after the Sunrise English Private School in Musaffah asked them to fork out Dh700 for uniforms in the middle of the academic year.

The changing face of school libraries in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: A stroll to the neighbourhood library and spending an afternoon poring over your favourite book is a throwback to an era gone by for many of us. With the infinite world of knowledge just a scroll away on our laptops, tablets and smartphones, many of among us may have already forgotten our association with traditional libraries.

Dh20,000 worth of speeding tickets in 24 hours

Abu Dhabi: An American tourist committed 24 speeding violations in less than 24 hours, including 22 in just 46 minutes, racking up fines worth nearly Dh20,000 during a maiden visit to the UAE recently. Businessman Jonathan Beall from Texas, USA, was driving on the Dubai-Al Ain road in a rented Mercedes Benz on September 24 when he was caught exceeding the 100km/h speed limit several times.

Anti-incumbency factor will end in Kerala: Chief Minister

Dubai: In less than two days, when the South Indian state of Kerala will head to polls, it will be a litmus test for the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and his political leadership. The 72 year old veteran Congress politician has had a tumultuous five years heading the UDF (United Democratic Front) government that has been rocked by allegations of corruption.

Third Front in south Indian state of Kerala vows shake-up

Dubai: While churning the murky ocean of caste politics in Kerala, arch-rivals Congress and the Left Front have taken turns in sharing the 'amrita' (nectar) of electoral victory, alternating between every five years. But come the state legislative elections on Monday, and there is a third contender to the throne.

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