Ariel Wimbush

Content Writer

United States

My name is Ariel and I am a Freelance Content Writer. My specialties include Copy Writing, Article&Blog Writing, and Web Content. I've worked on numerous projects that included writing blog post, email marketing content, social networks, marketing collateral, websites and any branding that needs that just right wording.

As a graduate of Towson University, I have acquired over 5 years of experience in the field of psychology. This has garnered me the ability to write with a more in-depth human perspective. I have worked with an array of companies including small businesses and larger companies. This has allotted me the experience in writing in different writing styles and different industries.

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"When you dream about what you aspire to attain you are more apt to create effective actions to make your dreams a maintainable reality" ~ Tricia Parido, BS Psych, NCPLC, IMAC, CATCIII

Quiet Moments...
For Such A Time As This: The Preparation of Esther

Hey Brave ones! A good friend of mine mentioned that she was sensing the constant delay and push back of our quarantine time, was an extended period of grace from God to give us more time with him in his presence.

Atlanta | Lotus Effect Wellness | Handmade Crackling Wick Soy Candles

At Lotus Effect Wellness we cater to the wellness of everyone, but most importantly we cater to the wellness of the strong friend. You know that friend? The one that's always giving and doing for everyone else, but themselves? I'm sure you have a strong friend, you may even be the strong one.

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Excellent. Detailed. Quality. These are just a few words that we use to describe our work at Shafar Affairs Event Design and Rental Boutique. Founded by our Owner and CEO, Shakaa Durham in 2002, we like to call ourselves one of Atlanta's hidden gems. From decorating your event all the way to catering, here at SA Events, we do it all!