Arianna Mendez

Columnist/Political Commentator/Political Operative/TV Personality

Location icon United States of America

Arianna was born to Cuban parents in Burbank, California. Her family moved to South Florida in the mid-1990s. Since an early age, Arianna was encouraged to participate in political discussions at home and keep up with current events. At the age of 10, she read her first biography on former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and so began he love for conservative politics.

Arianna has also interned for the Romney/Ryan 2012 campaign, the offices of Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, Republican Party of Miami-Dade, and Rick for Florida 2014 re-election campaign. She is currently interning for Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Arianna is also a columnist for Women's Voices Magazine, LLC and an Editorial Writer for Log Cabin Republicans. Arianna also serves as Committeewoman on the Republican Party Executive Committee of Miami-Dade and is the Chairwoman of the Campaign Activities Committee.She is also the National Hispanic Media and Development Director for the Brinker Education Intiative.

Arianna's has appeared in Spanish TV and radio discussing political and current events. Her opinions have also been featured in the Miami Herald.

In her spare time, Arianna enjoys traveling, reading, and hiking. Arianna is a graduate student at Florida International University pursuing a Masters degree in Political Science and Government. Her goal is to work for the United States Department of State as a diplomat and eventually run for public office.

Freedom Betrayed: U.S Embassy Opens in Havana

The United States should not kid ourselves thinking that Cuba will acquiesce to any demands that would jeopardize their hold on power. The Cuban regime is not interested in change, but in survival.

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