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Ariana Vera

Ariana Mariel Vera

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College-journo. Pop-culture dweeb. Former KERA Art&Seek Intern, @arianamariel_

In A Fort Worth Fourplex, An Art Show Trains Its Gaze on Girls

The Dallas Observer, Austere Magazine,and 3,600"interested" Facebook users had their eyes on Girl Gaze, an all-girl art installation in Fort Worth, last Saturday. This much attention could have been a problem. See, the show wasn't in a gallery. Curator Sarah Moore set it up in her house. And she lives in a fourplex.

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For local musicians, CDs stand the test of time

Vinyl may have risen from the dead, but the CD has cheated death for over a decade - all with a little help from the local musician. While CDs have been widely replaced by MP3 players, smartphones and streaming services, they're still alive and well in the spaces of independent music.

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Latin trap fueled by reggaeton, southern hip-hop

"Google Latin trap!" Eva Arreguin exclaimed to Rafael Tamayo. Arreguin didn't need to Google it because she hasn't heard of it. Arreguin is no hip-hop or latin music novice. And neither is Tamayo. The two host De Colores, a Dallas-based podcast about news, pop culture, arts and Latinidad with a "southern hip-hop flare."

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How 2 Arlington radio stations decided to drop R. Kelly from their playlists

"Your Body's Callin'," a track from R. Kelly's album 12 Play, played from Arlington station Smooth R&B 105.7 on Monday, and a radio host couldn't bear to let the song play any longer. Claudia Jordan called to cut off the song on the station's morning show, "The Morning Rush," which she co-hosts with comedian Rudy Rush.

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Moonlight two-steppers: A love story

With Kacey Musgraves playing out of a Black Ford F-150 in an abandoned field off of Cooper Street, alumna Katherine Rublein taught Daniel Brown how to two-step under a super blood moon. She realized this would be the perfect time to tell Brown she loved him. "So damn Hollywood," Brown said with a laugh.

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Get a work out while having fun

A group of women broke into laughter 29 times in 30 minutes at an Arlington dance studio Saturday afternoon. Keep in mind, the average adult laughs 15 times a day. The dance studio looks like many others. It has hard wood floors and mirrors where students gaze at their reflections.

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Svenny Baby! singer wears his heart on his sleeve

For a year, alumnus Victor Toruno has not removed any of the paper wristbands he has received at concerts. Currently, he's at 17. Some of the wristbands are from concerts he has attended, while others are from ones he performed in. He washes them and promises that they don't smell.

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Column: Continue to be inspired by 'Ultralight Beam'

When it was announced that Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States on an early Wednesday morning, I cried and listened to "Ultralight Beam." In response to Kanye West's seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo, released in February, Complex published an article titled, "Kanye West, Black art, and the Great Escape From Wokeness."

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