Alyssa Rege

Journalism Student, University of Illinois

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I am a University of Illinois senior currently pursuing a dual degree in both Broadcast Journalism and English with a focus in public relations and global security.


Print Media

Impulse Magazine
2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: An Exercise in Theatricality

When my girl friends say they want to stop by Victoria's Secret, it's never to check out the "clothing." In the context of our conversations, the brand is synonymous with "sexy lingerie," the kind you would buy to entice your significant other.

Impulse Magazine
Balmain x H&M: The Business Logic of High Fashion

As The New York Times columnist Vanessa Friedman so cheekily states: "Get ready for Balmainia." The Balmain x H&M collection will officially launch in New York today with a runway show and a killer, Instagram-worthy after party filled with pop stars, models and most importantly, Kardashians.

Impulse Magazine
Managing Editor, Chief Copy Editor

Managing Editor and Chief Copy Editor of the publication. I'm responsible for creating/allocating content to our 30+ member staff. I oversaw the publication's transition digital transition and am in charge of maintaining the website.

Impulse Magazine
MakerGirl: Inspiring Women to Pursue Careers in STEM

In the next decade, colleges and universities across the nation may see an even greater increase in the number of students seeking to enroll in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Statistics released by the University of Illinois Division of Management Information show that the number of undergraduates enrolled in engineering in fall of 2014 is up by almost 30 percent from 2009, for instance.

Impulse Magazine
10 Emotional Stages You Most Likely Endured on Unofficial 2015

Let's face it- it probably hit 12 a.m. on Friday morning and the anxiety kicked in that you're getting up in six hours to get wasted. Cue nostalgic feelings of waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. Instead of cookies & milk, you will have pre-cut breakfast potatoes and a bar stocked with champagne and tequila.
09/01/2014 Website

(Website Design) During my summer internship with, I learned basic HTML functions, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to assist a colleague in creating the site. I also wrote and edited the biographies for each of the designers.

(Web Design/Article) Promotional piece for LVX, a sponsor for the Signature event "Modern Beauty 2014." Similar process/skills to the Madison & Rayne article.
Madison & Rayne: Rediscover Dinner

(Website Design/Article) Promotional article for Madison & Rayne in which I wrote, edited and published the content to the website. While working on the piece, I developed a better understanding of basic HTML code dealing with content and image placement and hyperlinks.

Buzz Magazine
The Torch is Lit

(Article) A look at how Seth Fein created the indie rock festival "Pygmalion" and accompanying literary arts festival.

Buzz Magazine
Mixing Cultural Melodies

(Article) The Orpheum Children's Science Museum in Champaign, IL hosts DoCha Music Festival.

Multimedia/Broadcast News

ABC7 Chicago
Edward Novak sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison — (ASST. FIELD PRODUCER)

Former Sacred Heart Hospital owner Edward Novak was sentenced to four years in prison and ordered, along with his co-defendants, to forfeit nearly $10.5 million for a fraud scheme on Wednesday. Novak was convicted of engineering a scheme in which doctors were paid tens of thousands of dollars in kickbacks for sending their Medicare and Medicaid patients to Sacred Heart.

ABC7 Chicago
Medical marijuana industry growing in IL — (ASST. FIELD PRODUCER)

Two years ago, medical marijuana became legal in Illinois. No patients have received treatments yet, but people are investing millions of dollars in the industry. North of Rochelle, Ill., a big new building looms over cornfields. Soon, marijuana will be grown inside and it will be one of 18 state-licensed marijuana cultivation centers.

ABC7 Chicago
Chicago Weather: NWS confirms 9 tornadoes, including EF-3 near Coal City — (ASST. PRODUCER)

A supercell thunderstorm spawned nine tornadoes in north central Illinois, including at least one EF-3 tornado, one EF-2 tornado and two EF-1 tornadoes, the National Weather Service said Tuesday. NWS crews will continue to assess additional possible tornado damage in several areas over the next two to three days, and the number of confirmed tornadoes will likely increase.

ABC7 Chicago
Dennis Hastert makes first public appearance since indictment — (ASST. FIELD PRODUCER)

There was no special treatment for former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as he made his first court appearance on Tuesday. Hastert pleaded not guilty to charges in a federal hush-money case. RAW VIDEO: Dennis Hastert arrives at Dirksen Federal Building When Hastert was Speaker of the House, he was third in line for the presidency.

ABC7 Chicago
Forrest Claypool named CEO of Chicago Public Schools — (ASST. FIELD PRODUCER)

Forrest Claypool has been named the new CEO for Chicago Public Schools, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Thursday. The mayor's longtime ally and chief of staff will lead the nation's third-largest school district, which is grappling with a more than $1 billion budget shortfall, a pension monster and an expired teachers' contract.

Flippin' for the Gold - Video

(Multimedia) Debra Barnish, a freshman at the University of Illinois, describes her love for gymnastics.

Defying Gravity - Video

(Multimedia) Aerialist Cassie Palmer explains the thrill she gets from never letting her feet hit the ground.

ABC7 Chicago
New haptic technology helps people with disabilities — (ASST. PRODUCER)

Scholars around the world, as well as in Chicago, are using haptics - the science of touch - to develop touch technology that will increase access for people with disabilities. Some of the new technology allows people to play music with just the touch of their fingertip or experience gravity in a video game using a special stylus.

ABC7 Chicago
Eastland Disaster memorial considered on Chicago Riverwalk — (ASST. FIELD PRODUCER)

One hundred years ago, a ship called The Eastland rolled over on the Chicago River, killing 844 people onboard. The Eastland Disaster is the deadliest in Chicago's history. Richard Lindberg's grandfather, a poultry dealer, tossed chicken grates into the river so that those struggling in the water following the Eastland disaster would have something to grab onto.

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