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Financial Times reporter covering Hungary, Romania and Western Balkans. Formerly based in Brussels bureau.

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EU leaders mobilise to urge Britain to Remain -

National leaders and media across Europe mobilised on Monday to persuade British voters to remain in the EU, with Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban buying a full-page ad in Monday's Daily Mail urging Britons to choose "Remain".

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Small-town graft warrior rattles Macedonia's elite -

For more than two weeks, thousands of demonstrators have gathered nightly outside the offices of Katica Janeva, supporting a woman who has become the scourge of Macedonia's corruption-riddled elite and an unlikely icon of protest in the country's

Hungary to impose world's first internet tax -

Hungary is preparing to impose the world's first tax on internet usage in the latest example of the unorthodox economic policies being pursued by prime minister Viktor Orbán and his increasingly dominant Fidesz party. Mihály Varga, economy minister,

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Hungary tries to send migrants to camps -

Chaos on Hungary's railways The drama of Budapest's Keleti station entered a new, more chaotic phase on Thursday as hundreds of exhausted migrants boarded trains they mistakenly believed were bound for Germany, only to realise they were on their way

Hungary questions EU sanctions on Russia -

Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has criticised the EU's policy of sanctions against Russia, questioning their effectiveness in influencing Moscow's behaviour while warning that central European exports were suffering the consequences. Mr

Hungary abandons controversial internet tax plan -

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban on Friday abandoned a controversial plan for the world's first internet tax following the largest mass demonstrations in Budapest in recent memory. The prime minister's u-turn was hailed by internet campaigners

Hungary grapples with cost of 'Orbanomics' -

Viktor Orban presided over commemorations of Hungary's 1956 uprising against Communism last week as the country's longest-serving prime minister since the fall of the iron curtain. Fortified by a trio of electoral victories this year, the prime

Greece warned of €14.9bn financing gap -

Greece will still need an additional €14.9bn in financial help through next year despite holding its first successful bond auction in four years and posting a primary budget surplus in 2013, according to an EU report on the rescue. The report is the

EU-Russia sanctions: 6 areas of manoeuvre -

The EU has given Russia an ultimatum to recall its troops in Crimea back to barracks by Thursday, when the bloc's 28 leaders meet in an emergency session in Brussels, or face "targeted measures". But Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that

Technology, tax and talent in Dublin -

Dozens of giant light-sticks illuminate the path to Dublin's Grand Canal Theatre at night, glowing red and flashing in dazzling rhythms. Landscape architect Martha Schwartz's "neon red carpet" offers a new kind of Irish welcome. It announces to

China courts EU on bilateral trade agreement -

Chinese president Xi Jinping has called for the EU and China to "actively explore" a bilateral trade agreement, arguing that such a move would make the pair "the twin engines for global economic growth". Mr Xi's call, made during a speech on Tuesday,

EU probes airlines with large foreign stakeholders -

The European Commission has launched an inquiry into stakes held by foreign investors in four European airlines, warning that EU rules prohibit foreign companies from exercising "effective control" of airlines registered in the 28-member bloc. The

Creditors to begin debt relief talks with Greece -

Greece's creditors are to begin talks over whether it should be granted additional debt relief, after Brussels confirmed that Athens had achieved a primary surplus for the first time since the eurozone crisis. Although Athens has been relying

Across Europe in a haulage truck -

Haulage trucks criss-cross the continent all day and night and have redefined the map of Europe. Andrew Byrne jumps aboard with Turkish drivers Arap, Aziz and Hurşit for a seven-day, 3,000km trek, hauling textiles from Istanbul to Dartford, UK Day 1, Thursday: Turkey Our three-truck convoy - carrying socks and flowers for Istanbul hauliers Integral Logistics - sets off for Bulgaria, 280km away.

EU imposes targeted sanctions on Ukraine -

EU foreign ministers agreed to impose targeted sanctions against individuals responsible for spiralling violence in Ukraine and enact an embargo on equipment that could be used against protesters. The EU did not immediately produce a list of

Q&A: What has changed in the sanctions regime on Iran? -

EU foreign ministers on Monday approved a six-month suspension of certain sanctions on Iran after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that Tehran has halted its most sensitive nuclear activity. Q: Which sanctions have been lifted?

Wexford's tragic cargo

The discovery The morning of December 8th, 2001, was unusually bright in the southeast of the country. A lorry driver collected a freight container, supposedly carrying furniture from Milan, from Belview Port in Waterford. He drove it 60km east to Wexford Business Park in Drinagh, a neat complex on the road to Rosslare, where he stopped for a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant.

EU reaches breakthrough deal on tighter tobacco rules -

EU lawmakers approved a deal on Wednesday on stricter tobacco rules that require bigger health warning on cigarette packets and cap the amount of nicotine in so-called e-cigarettes . The deal, struck between negotiators for the EU's 28 member states

EU poised to send forces to Central African Republic -

EU foreign ministers are expected on Monday to approve the deployment of troops to the Central African Republic following factional violence that has displaced almost 1m people and triggered fears of genocide. The EU force, likely to number between

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