April Choi

Freelance Journalist. I write about arts, culture, and lifestyle topics.

I'm a Portland-based freelance writer. I've written about food, sustainability, the arts, demi-celebrities and small business. I've also worked as a stringer covering breaking news.
I've interviewed contestants for "The Biggest Loser," followed around a stage manager and documented her movements (lots of stairs).


Breaking News

The Los Angeles Times
Teen held in alleged Portland bomb plot

In August, the FBI says, 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud told two men who claimed to be Al Qaeda operatives that he had considered violent jihad since he was 15, and that he now was ready to commit mass slaughter.


The Oregonian
The people of PDX: an online snapshot

Erin McGovney, 29, and Sara Gray, 27, started a blog in January called "I Live Here: PDX" that they describe as "a love letter to Portland and an anthology of its residents, neighborhoods and moods."


The Oregonian
St. Johns food cart the Baowry is going brick and mortar

When the owners of the Baowry food cart took over the house, they found that of the 37 panes of glass within, more were broken than intact. Disembodied doll parts were scattered around. They blogged about the renovation process and other discoveries, which included a "disturbingly tame baby possum eating its way through a bag of fetid garbage" and a "pile of disturbingly large bones in the basement."


The Oklahoman
Kidney swap’s impact reaches across states, including Oklahoma

It started when a 54-year-old man in Virginia decided to donate a kidney after his daughter recovered from brain cancer. Thomas Koontz’s altruistic decision set in motion a kidney swap that helped save the lives of eight people, including one in Oklahoma City.

Small Business

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