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A self-described adventurer and storyteller. As a journalist with a special interest in social justice, I'm eager to unearth fresh perspectives to share with the world. If I'm not writing, I'm either watching Star Trek, reading high fantasy novels, or doing self-study on Baroque and Renaissance art.

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The Interactive Art of Enclosure

B.C.-based conceptual artist Mowry Baden uses perceptual psychology, science, and architecture to engage viewers to participate in his art. The Vancouver Art Gallery is featuring a 15-piece exhibition of his works that will run until June 9th, 2019. "Have any of you danced with a mop bucket?"

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Can You Virtually Enhance Empathy?

The Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society is using virtual reality technology (VR) to help enable people to empathize with children who have autism. As part of the Autism Demystification® program, the organization aims to foster peer social relationships One in 66 Canadian children have autism , or what is more appropriately termed autism spectrum...

Francis Bacon and the Art of a Dark Portrait - Ali Pitargue - Medium

A major chunk of Francis Bacon's art was bred from a passionate, yet dysfunctional love story. The Irish-born painter was an admitted masochist, and in the 40+ works he painted of his lover - George Dyer - it's clear how it simultaneously exhilarated and pained him to tackle the subject of his love.

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Retro Tech Revival

The sales of vinyl records, cassette tapes, and classic video game consoles have surged in the past several years. Is it because of technophobia, nostalgic longing, hipster aesthetics, or all of the above? Walk into a modern music store, and you'll likely find yourself standing amidst a culture clash between old and new; they vie...

The Canadian Branch of Feminism

In the summer of 1975, Rosemary Brown was making Canadian history as the first black woman to run for leadership of a federal party. She, along with the other candidates running for leadership of the federal NDP, appeared at a 'meet the candidates' event in Edmonton, Alberta.

A Journalist's Reflection on Goya's "The Third of May 1808"

The first time I saw Francisco de Goya's masterpiece "The Third of May 1808", I was impressed by how succinctly it portrayed the chaos of human dynamics in the context of war. Goya's composition of visual elements managed to highlight both the humane and inhumane characteristics of his subjects.

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Evolving the Caribbean Superhero

Rasta Comics founder Rayon Morris wants to infuse authentic Caribbean culture into the comic book landscape. Rasta Comics creator Rayon Morris makes it a goal to release at least one comic book per month. Yet, his publication's reach does not stop in BC. He also ships a stock of several hundred copies to his motherland of...

On the Cultural Paralysis of Nostalgia - Ali Pitargue - Medium

Last summer, I came across an article detailing how adults can experience a phenomena called "musical paralysis" - or what researchers describe as a lack of interest in discovering new music. A survey conducted by Deezer found that people generally stop seeking out or actively listening to new music as soon as they reach a certain age, averaging 30.5 years.

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The 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival is underway and we're sending writers out to enjoy it. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as they share their thoughts about this year's films. Burning Directed by: Chang-dong Lee At face-value, Burning is a mystery story, but as the film progresses, it becomes clearer that the story more so...

Top 10 Queens Who Were Assassinated by the Monarchy

When monarchies ruled civilization, there was no greater offense than defying the king. This goes for all social classes: commoners, aristocrats, and even the most powerful women in society- the queens of the kingdom. Female monarchs, in particular, had to tread lightly in the royal court.